I need info on the Russian Federation goverment.?

Just quick facts please?

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    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian Council of Ministers became the chief body of administration for the President of the Russian Federation. At times it consisted of as many as 65 ministries and state committees and up to 16 Vice-Premiers. After the 2004 reform, Government duties were split between 17 Ministries, 7 Federal Services and over 30 governmental Agencies.

    The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the Russian Federation and confirmed by the State Duma. The Chairman is second in line to succeed to the Presidency of Russia if the current President dies, is incapacitated or resigns. The current head of the Government is Viktor Zubkov.

    The government issues its acts in the way of Decisions (Постановления) and Orders (Распоряжения). The Decisions and Orders must not contradict constitution, constitutional laws, federal laws and Presidential decrees, and is signed by the Prime Minister

    The structure of Government of the Russian Federation from the time the state formed in 1991 underwent several major changes. In the first years governing bodies, primarily different Ministries, were under massive reorganizations in order to adopt the older Soviet governing networks to the new form of state. Many reshufflings and renamings were made.

    On 28 November 1991 the President of the RSFSR Boris Yeltsin signed the Presidential Decree № 242 "On reorganization of the government bodies of the RSFSR" (Russian: "О реорганизации центральных органов государственного уравления РСФСР").

    In July 2004 there was a major reform of the government with a Presidential Decree of 28 July 2004 (with later corrections) "On the structure of the federal executive bodies" when some ministries were split and some ministerial offices turned into agencies, some new services were established as government bodies. Resulting in 17 Ministries, 7 Federal Services and over 30 Federal Agencies.

    Source(s): wikipedia.org
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    Putin will be main person in new government

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