whats the difference between L1 and L2 cache?

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    That's a good resource listed above, but if you don't have time, a basic difference is the location. The L1 cache is stored within the housing of the CPU while the L2 cache is more commonly found, near the CPU, on the motherboard. Another important difference is that the L1 cache has a smaller amount of memory and the L2 has a larger amount. On some processors and motherboards, there is even L3 cache with an even larger amount of memory.

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    L1 is some memory built in to your CPU (Microprocessor)

    L1 stands for Level 1 also called primary cache


    Short for Level 2 cache, cache memory that is external to the microprocessor. In general, L2 cache memory, also called the secondary cache, resides on a separate chip from the microprocessor chip. Although, more and more microprocessors are including L2 caches into their architectures.

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    I studied Computer science also. and I know what you say to be true, so why do they sell cpu's with L2 cache?

    I know users make mistakes,like called the whole PC a CPU...one of my nephews does that, but he's a surfer, so?:)

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