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Rx drug (lamictal) coverage and school?

I have been on lamictal for over a year. I am in grad school for PT (which means I have no money), and even hough I am still going to school, I am having a birthday next week that will make me too old to stay on my mom's insurance.

Without perscription insurance, it will cost me over $500 a month in rx drugs.

I cannot afford it.

I also cannot live without this medication.

What can I do to keep going to school, but coninue my meds?

***I have looked into private insurance, and I can probably max out my unsubsidized loans to scrape by, but I was hoping to qualify for something, anything to help.

Any suggestions would help so much...

Also---I looked into importing from CANADA...Any warnings, suggestions, etc.?

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    Ok, here are a couple of suggestions.

    Call GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and get onto one of their prescription assistance programs.

    Here is a telephone number that may help:

    (888)825-5249 (GSK Customer Assistance Center)

    Tell them that you do not have insurance and need their medication. Ask them what is the best way to get it without any cost as you do not have a prescription plan?

    The second way, go to your regular doctor, neurologist, or psychiatrist. Ask them to load you up with samples as drug reps. always leave samples at the doctors offices for patients. Make sure you tell the doctor that you do not have any prescription coverage and ask him/her if they can sample you the medication.

    Third look into other countries that manufacture the same medication Lamictal (Lamotrigine) and see how much you can get it for from that country. Sometimes you don't even need a prescription.

    **WARNING** make sure whichever drug company that manufactures the medication from another country is reputable or has a collaboration with a well known company (you will have to do some online research).

    Also watch out that if you are paying for it online - it is not a scam website.

    I hope some of this helped. I wish you and the other person who answered you well.

    Good luck!

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    College students are often eligible for student health insurance so check with your school.

    You can also ask your school counselor if they have information regarding low cost health insurance.

    Often times, as long as you are a full time student, you can stay on your parent's health insurance.

    Another alternative is https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php

    Walmart, Walgreens and Target all offer some $4 prescriptions. Do an internet search for "$4 prescriptions" and their links will come up. Your medication might be on their lists.

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    inner maximum coverage is going to cost you a ton, and that they don't could desire to take on the seizure organization - they could and specific will exclude insurance for it. you're able to desire to a million. touch the drug producer, see in case you will get on their software for loose drugs and a couple of. communicate to your medical expert, see if there's a customary that ought to paintings, "basically approximately" besides, which you will %. up on the objective pharmacy for $4 a month. and that i think undesirable. I basically tossed 6 months nicely worth of lamictal, as we are actually not utilising it at this domicile to any extent further.

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    I take the same drug and also just lossed my insurance. I'm going to get mine out of Canada. It's alot cheaper up there. They have a hole list for you to chose from .

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