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Does anyone know the name of this mozart song?

I only know the first few words. Sorry if there are any spelling errors, I don't know Italian.

Loh per du ta, me mischina, a chi do ve sa ra, a chi do ve sa ra.

Ring any bells? Please help.

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    Marriage of Figaro

    Act IV

    Barbarina's Aria

    L’ho perduta, me meschina! I have lost it, woe is me!

    Ah chi sa dove sarà? Ah, who knows where it is?

    Non la trovo. L’ho perduta. I can’t find it. I have lost it.

    Meschinella! Ecc. Miserable little me etc.

    E mia cugina? E il padron, And my cousin, and the boss

    cosa dirà? what will he say?

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