Add transitions to the paragraph to make the connections it needs?

Jessica decided to hike across Finger Lakes National Forest. She decided this at a young age. She never actually did much hiking. On her sixteenth birthday, she and a friend made plans to explore Finger Lakes National Forest on foot. Jessica researched the history and terrain of the forest. She wrote to the forest headquarters. She received a package full of information and maps. She found out that this forest is the only national forest in New York. It is located on a ridge between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. This forest has a 33-mile hiking trail. She bought clothing and packed for this long walk. She arrived at the forest and talked to forest rangers. They told Jessica the best trails to follow. They gave her safety tips.

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    Start by combining sentences that go together. Like the frist three. They show some cause and effect relationships, so try...

    Although she had never done much hiking, when Jessica was a young girl she had decided to hike across Finger Lakes National Forest, so when she was 16 she started making plans

    or something

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