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Tennessee Valley Authority?

Critics of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) argues that:

a. it was a form of socialism

b. it would not supply needed energy requirements for the Tennessee alley

c. it was a local ecnomic improvemnet iwth federal money

d. it would not attract needed industry to the rea

I said A but the correct answer is C. I'm going to argue this with my teacher so I can get the point back. Can anyone back me up? Am I right?

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    No, Darlin', you are wrong. It WAS a social program created by Franklin Roosevelt to help get people back to work and out of the Depression. So it was, therefore, an economic program that was Federally funded.

    Sorry. I was raised in Chattanooga, TN and I KNOW how much lower electricity was due to the Tennessee River being damned up. Really weird though--roads disappearing into the lake that were eventually used for launching boats but, even stranger than that, was the cemeteries where an occasional casket with a body in it would float to the surface. This was due to the water being backed up over the land, including cemeteries. The bodies were supposed to have been removed for reburial, but sometimes somebody was missed!

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