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I there is no investigation into a crime the person or target does not have to produce identification?

I will give you a scenario:

I was suspected of theft based on this following:

The library assistant informed police that a unidentified female student came up to her around 5 p.m. and informed her that a Mexican women with a baby stroller was placing books in the underneath part of the baby stroller.

Now based on the incident as stated by the alleged Jane Doe is there good faith belief of apparent placing of library books into the baby stroller.

Also did the report state a theft is my actual question. The report also states the librarian didn’t determine that anything was taken at the time. In a later affidavit the librarian states nothing was taken.

N.J.S.A. 2C: 20-1b – "Property of Another" includes property in which any person other than the actor has an interest which the actor is not privileged to infringe, regardless of the fact that the actor also has an interest in the property....

f."Obtain" means: (1) in relation to p

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    Yes you do have to produce identification whan asked, even if you did not do anything wrong. Think of it like the random stops they do with cars, stopping random cars, searching them and running a background check, before letting the car go. (This is common when large events are being held.)

    It is unethical and unconstitutional but it is the way things are right now that you do have to produce ID.

    However you also should stand up for your rights. They do not have a right to harrass you. I have placed things in my babies stroller to carry them before. Technically in a store you are not considered shop lifting and they cannot arrest you until you step outside of the store. They shuold not have bothered you about having your books placed in the stroller. And the librarian should not have made an issue of it based on what someone walked up and told her, as with any worker she should be alert and paying attention to situations and think logically before she reacts, as should police.

    The report will not state you stole anything unless you were found guilty.

    If it should happen again you should tell them that you were only placing them there so your hands would be free and that they are overstepping the law and to leave you alone.

    And for some of you Americans out there, obviously your parents never taught some of you about not tattling, stop trying to turn in your neighbor and care for yourself.

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