Difference in political and religious beliefs between Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds?

My main question is what are some differences in Shia and Kurds in their political and religious stands.

Do these two groups tend to agree on political matters? Do their religions conflict with each other?

I don't want like a 102837109284601 minute speech about the history but just a brief outline of their political beliefs and their disagreements with each other

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    SUNNIS are the MAIN STREAM (90%)of muslims,Who believe in Quran and Sunnah ,WAy of prophet(P.B.U.H)and also follow the sunnah of his family and companion of the prophet,specially the four rightly guided Khulfah who ruled after prophet (SAW)


    And they accept the interpretation of QURAN and HADITH given by his companion.

    Obviously those were the people who understood the quran and hadith(Prohet's(P.B.U.H) saying),the best .SO sunni got all the knowledge from this reliable souces


    There r other sects like shias and qadiyani etc r different than sunni.and out of the fold of islam.

    . SHIAS who denied the sincerity of the Ahlbayt (wives)and companion of the prophet(SAW)and claimed that all the companion were hypocrate except the three.So they denied the guaidance of them did not benefit of their knowledge,so lost the main knowledge transfered through them ,thats why they didnt follow the main stream of muslims.And dont have authentic sources.

    Even they deny the authenticity of Quran (main Source),bcoz it was compiled by the people who shia belief were not even muslims

    So,obviously , shia couldn't trust on the work of people they consider dishonest,and rejected the main knowledge transferd through them.

    Their religion based on their infellible Imams ,Who didnt get any power (and had to hide their knowledge)and atlast their twelvth Imam went under ground with their holy book.And will come out from the cave and then bring the real knowledge.So they r still waitting for the real knowledge!!!!

    Following shia ref:

    1-Original Quran will not come into view till the manifestation of Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) (Na’uzubillah).

    [Anwaar-ul-Na'umania, Vol#2, Pg#360 - Published Iran]

    2-Collectors of Quran eliminated virtues of Prophet’s progeny from Surah Al-Ahzab which was about to the length of Surah Al-Bakrah (Na’uzubillah).

    [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#66 - Published Iran]

    3-Usman (r.a) made alteration in Surah Al-Rehman by eliminating words “MINKUM” (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#525 - Published Iran.

    Bcoz of loosing the main sources they messed up with the basic concept of islam which is tauheed.(oneness of GOD)

    They assign the attribute of one GOD to their 12 imams

    which is shirk and unforgetable sin in islam.

    003. Disclaimer to the doctrines that fate, benediction and vice belong to ALLAH (Na'uzubillah).

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