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RHH Tourney (re-vote) #5 vs. #6 vs. #11 (new entry)?

Not only is this a battle of 5 vs. 6 (which was removed for whatever reason earlier this week), but another entry again, vote for what you feel are the Top 2, seed with most votes gets automatic bid to 2nd round, final 2 spots for the next round will be determined by highest number of runner-up votes


Its five o clock in the morning, 24 hours left till my death,

Im about to go out west, wearin a tight dress,

with a thong up my a** and a blunt in my hand, heels on my feet,

bout to cause a ruckus in the streets.

Doing 60 in a 30, its bout to get dirty,

22 hours left to go, bout to get some more dro.

Hit up the McDonalds drive through, get the number one with a Sprite,

Grab the Big Mac for the last time and take a big a** bite.

Hit up Lake Shore Drive yellin YAAA YAAAAAAAAAAAAA out the window,

Bumpin the system louder screamin f*ck the po po's.

Twelve oclock noon, go check in with my baby boy,

go to the store, and steal all the dopest toys

Go visit my mom and give her a kiss on the cheek, still stayin on beat

Tell everyone I love em, hopefully in due time, in heaven or hell we'll soon meet.


Momma told me the stuff I did would one day catch up with me,

“Stop running them streets cause only bad will come from it, you’ll see”

Those were her words; they now stand out in my head

As I look up to the wall knowing I’ll soon be dead

The HIV turned to AIDS and 24 hours is all I have left,

No more pain, tricking, lying, and pill poppin just death,

Naw I won’t cry I cause I accept that my life is done, fineto, finished,

Grew up a child of god, turned down the wrong road and now I’m a straight up menace,

My kids will be better off without me so I won’t even try to save face,

I have done nothing thus far to make them proud’ I’ve only been a disgrace.

So I won’t stop now cause for years I’ve been on the stroll,

I been looked at not as a woman but a body with 3 warm holes,

Coming out hard like the dc snipers I’m snipin over 100 johns; sh!t don’t matter to me,

I’m not a child of God, I refuse to die a ho#, but at least I will be buried a g.


The clock strikes 8 and the shame is driving me insane/

I got four damn hours left to get my 15 minutes of fame//

I refused to be remembered as another maimed lame/

So death my dangerous driving was just too sane//

Would I have hit the history books if I was struck by a train?/

Nah I’d have just been another figure laying on the wrong lane//

These thoughts echo through my brain as I await for the world to see me/

F*ck this disease, believe me, I would’ve had another 60 years to get on tv//

It doesn’t matter now, I’m here and my soul’s about to leave me right/

But sh*t I wouldn’t have forgotten the sea of faces if I knew we were ship passing through the night//

Failed to see the light when the time was right, so I let hate blight my soul/

I guess its taken its toll coz now my life’s the greatest story untold//

Reduced to a piece of sh*t with misdirected goals, but at least I’m prudent/

So that’s enough brooding, an hour left..I need to start shooting these students…


you dont have to be a judge to vote...

and please, choose the TWO you feel are best

Update 2:

i got all votes saved

Update 3:

dont answer if your not gonna vote

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    1 decade ago
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  • Stacy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    11 and 6

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  • 6 and 11.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    #6 and #11

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    6 the best

    & 11 second

    both were straight

    Source(s): me
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm really feeling 5 and 11.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    11 & 6..... 11 being the best

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  • They all are really good!!

    I vote #6 & #11

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  • 1 decade ago

    All where dope believe that but man I'm gonna have to go with #5!!

    "Ya Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


    Sorry you said to pick two so I will also go with 11. But #5 is the best!

    Source(s): Peace and Blessings
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