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Leaking amniotic fluid???

I am 37 wks and 4 days, with a scheduled Csec in one week. However, today, I was laying on the couch, and when I got up, I felt a warm liquid squirt into my underwear, and I had to change them. I know it wasnt urine. Later on, I was sitting, and same thing happened when I stood up, but this time there was some pink blood. I wiped and the liquid was odorless, and kind of like egg white. I will mention that my hubby and I did have intercourse this morning, but that was not what leaked out the first time. I had a OB visit yesterday and they said I was only dilated a fingertip. What could this be, and should I call the doctor? thanks!

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    Sounds like your water broke and are getting bloody show. Call your doctor NOW

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    an develop in discharge is common for the duration of being pregnant. Lie down for a a million/2 hour or so with a sparkling pad on. once you get up be conscious the quantity of flluid on the pad. Amniotic fluid has an exceedingly diverse scent, like bleach or Comet. If there is under a teaspoon finished or 2 and there is not any scent you're maximum possibly basically having a common discharge. the next day call the medical expert and ask in the event that they have try strips for checking fluid leakage.

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    Amniotic fluid is not something to play around with you need to be checked. Mine did the same thing and I started to bleed a little went to the doctors and they sent me home saying that the stip to check you with turned blue due to the bleeding, then again 2 days later to the doctors leaking more fluid than before and bleeding harder, they sent me home, 3 days later I was hemmoraging. Come to find out my water did break and the baby had NO fluid at all around him. I ended up with an infection baby to and I had placenta abruption. So please go get checked. If it was urine it would smell like it. when you loose your water it is a constant wetness down there not just here and there. Please go get checked for the baby's sake.

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    Call your doctor, they can test to see if it is fluid. Remember your doctor will never think you have a stupid question. Good luck

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    Go to the hospital now- if you're leaking amniotic fluid you could risk infection if you don't go in right away. Go go go! And congrats! :)

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    call doc now! sounds like your waters have broken and you need to go get checked out/

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    any kind of leakage you should call the dr. its better to be safe than sorry!

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