Do you find the confederate flag offensive??

Im brazilian but i live in Texas and i see so many people with the confederate flag everywhere, and i personally find it offensive. why would they want to flaunt or parade around with something that reminds us all of one of the worst times in history - slavery. i think it should be outlawed to show that flag.

in my brasilian family, i have every color you could possibly imagine. i hate the idea of segregation because of your skin color. its so wrong.

...just my opinion though, feel free to leave your own.

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    People have the right to express themselves,,but when I see them,,I just wonder which trailer park they live in,,,????

  • 4 years ago

    I'm an african american who has grown up in the North all of my life. I am not offended by the Confederate Flag because thanks to my education in college and my degree in Political Science, I know what it truly represents. That flag represents a way of life that once was in the South and the history of the people who lived there. No, not all history is good or positive, and YES slavery was a horrible part of that lifestyle years ago. But remember the South's economic survival relied heavily on the production of cotton and slavery was a huge part of that process. It is sad that people use this part of our American History to terroize people and strike fear in others hearts, that was not the orignal meaning of that flag. This country was founded with the idea of allowing people to live free as long as they aren't imposing on anyone elses freedom or liberty. Unfortunately some people use that flag to do so. That was not it's original purpose. So, no I am not offended as long as the owner of the Confederate Flag knows the true history and meaning of the flag = The representation of a way of life for people years ago, which is all of our history. Black/White or any other race...

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    OK all these answers were wack! I'm in Cali and trust me it's just "Americans" not accepting "Americans" to be any color other than white. Its the ignorant trying to hold on to the last hope of ignorance. Don't be offended, thats what they want. Segregation only occurs because of ignorance and when the Gov't wants us to be scared. Remember the "Minute Men" patroling the borders a year ago? Why arn't they in the news now? Brazilians in Texas? Thats cool girl but trust....most think ur Mexican there lol. Don't be offended, be Latina as you are and inform those who are unaware. BTW everyone knows Irish men were the first "Slaves" right? Do your research, why do you think these confederate toting kids try so hard to be recognized??

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    I think "Something Awesome" pretty much summed how I also feel. I'm originally from Philly but lived in North Carolina for a few years. I was sort of weirded out when I saw all of the confederate flags and even cars with the flag painted on them.

    So, to answer your question: Yes, it does offend me. What's in the past should stay there. And to people who say its Southern Pride here's a question for you: Do you ever see someone of color wearing a t-shirt with the confederate flag on it or having that flag hanging outside of their home? I never have.

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  • The Confederate flag was the national flag of the the Southern states that seceded from the Union, it stood for the fact that those states seceded because of "State Right" verses Federal Rights over the whole of the United States, only later in the war did it get linked to slavery, after the war, alot of confederate veterans adopted it as a way to both keep former slaves in bondage and to also state that they hadn't given up their fight for State Rights, later on groups such as the KKK used it as a symbol of their creed, now a days it's used to show that the South remembers it's past.

    Some groups have used it as a symbol to denote White power verses Black power such as some of the white supremacy and neo-Nazi group do, it's not what the flag was meant to be used for nor is it condoned by people who know the true history of the Confederate flag, some states still use forms of it as their state flag, my home state uses the red bars in it's flag, Georiga does the same.

    I suggest that you Goggle the history of the Confederate flag and you'll see that your slightly misinformed about what it means, a symbol only has as much power as one is willing to give to it.

    Slavery is wrong, no matter what skin color a person has, it's morally wrong to hold people in bondage for any reason, thats one reason why Linclon tried to get rid of it, it's why we have laws on the books banning it, but since it was a part of the Southern lifestyle for so long, it was a long battle to supress it down South.

    Your entitled to express yourself, it's in the Bill of Rights, one that our troops die everyday to defend for you, please use it, it's been paid for in blood.

    Lonewolf is a good example of 'freedom of Speech', not everyone who fly's the Confederate flag live in trailer parks, nor is eveyone who lives in trailer parks 'trashy', he's entitled to state his opinion same as you. I'm sure some people out there will not like being classed as being that because they show the Confederate flag openly.

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    I know people have the right to their own opinion. But they take it way to far. I find it Offensive. I have been down South, the South in General take it very seriously and to them It has alot to do with the times of slavery! To this day many southern people get really mad if you talk about how they lost the War!

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    A lot of people call it the "Rebel Flag" and don't see it as promoting slavery, but as a symbol of the South's rebellious and independent nature. I can't help but see it as rather ignorant and racist, but maybe I'm just wired wrong. I've lived in the South all my life, so you'd think I'd be okay with it by now.

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    I don't find it offensive but I do fully understand why others do. Since this is still a democracy then it is up to the majority to vote on whether or not to make changes in things like this. If enough people become offended by this flag then it'll get changed... if the majority makes it happen.

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    right... and i think we should outlaw brazillian flags. and people like you.... if you dont like the flag dont fly one. let people do what they want. if you dont like seeing the flag dont look, or move away. the flag represents a lot more than "slavery". the confederate states were not formed because of slavery. the civil war wasnt fought over it either.

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    I think it is just a symbol and pride of the south, not so offensive.

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