Pittsburgh Pirates, what does the future hold?

I live in Pittsburgh and am a die hard Pittsburgh sports fan. I usually get ridiculed for liking the Pirates, quite possibly one of the worst franchise in sports history (since the mid 90's). Anyways, every year we're supposed to get better but just end up getting a bunch of has beens whose best years are behind them (Ex. Jeremy Burnitz, Derek Bell, Benito Santiago, Kenny Lofton, Reggie Sanders, etc.). I'm fed up with the rebuilding bull **** and I'm ready for a change. My idea is to bring up all of these young prospects and develope them at the beginning of the year rather than the end. I think Steve Pierce,Andrew McCutchen, and Niel Walker should all be brought up because every year is a rebuilding year. Do you believe they should do this and, if not, what should they do and who should they trade?

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    Finally, it seems the Pirates have the right guys at the top of their management structure. It looks like they are going to make players accountable for their performances and even put a little money back into the team. Unfortunately, change doesn't happen overnight. The Pirates should be better this year, now that management is not coddling the players. But even with modest improvement, I don't see them making .500. I think they'll improve by ten games, but that leaves them with a 78-84 record. But if some of their high-priced players have good years, they can trade them at the deadline for players for the future and to stock their depleated minor league teams.

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    possibly this year, yet no longer continually. Steelers are not making the playoffs, yet most of the followers interior Pittsburgh at the instant are not bandwagon followers and could stick to the group. optimistic it became heartbreaking this year yet they gained't suck continually. for sure the Pirates are not going to win the international series except something majorly drastic happens. Pitt soccer became particularly sucessful this year till the top. with a bit of luck they are in a position to win in spite of the fact that imprecise bowl they're enjoying in. BQ: the city of Pittsburgh particularly isn't a foul place to flow to. I visited Portland, Maine some summers in the past and that they climate became dreary at maximum suitable and the people have been unfriendly and not talkative. (No offense to people of Maine, possibly I in basic terms met each and all of the unfriendly people there) hi with all your Pittsburgh hate besides? somebody had too lots Haterade...

  • they need to start at the top with management, i agree with you on developing young players. But with baseball, there is not much you can do when the rich get richer like the Yanks & Red Sox, while small market teams continue to suffer.

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    Would love to see them keep their players and build from within. Take their lumps. The Rockies did it for four years and now they will be competitive for a long-long time. Keep being a fan and don't give up.

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    I understand your pain buddy. I congratulate you for sticking with your team no matter what. Pittsburgh will be a contender one day...just not this day. Keep your head up.

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    Not much.

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