What does "A disk read error occurred" means?

A few days ago, when my laptop turned on, I noticed a message and it said, "A disk read error occurred". I didn't know what it meant so tell me what it means and how do I fix it???

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    You did not state whether or not the laptop actually started properly.

    If it did not start up properly, here are some possibilities:

    Watch the screen carefully while it starts . A message should appear to press r to run the recovery mode. You may be able to set it back to default settings.


    You may have to re-install the Operating system and all the programs. You may loose your data unless you have backed it up.

    If it did start up properly, here are some possibilities:

    You have a defective area on your Hard Drive which you may be able to fix by running Error-checking with both boxes checked

    You have improperly removed a program - deleted it instead of un-installing it. This occassionally gives similar errors if a component of that program runs at startup. If you have done this you may have to re-install the program or get a registry cleaner. Alternatively, write down the error and if it has a file name or program - try removing it from your start folder.

    Good Luck

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    It means just what it said windows has had problems reading a disk if this occurred while you were booting your computer it could mean the hard disk is failing on the other hand if and assuming you're running XP it might be because you've never run check disk

    to do this with XP open My Computer and right click you hard drive choose properties now click on the tools tab under Error Checking click the check now button tick the box marked automatically fix file system errors and click start when you get the warning check disk couldn't do it and do you want to scheduel a disk check choose yes now reboot and the check will take place when you've booted run defrag

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    Occurred Means

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    Check your drives (Floppy, CD/DVD, USB flash) This usually means your computer is trying to boot off a non-bootable disk. Make sure you don't have a disk in a floppy drive, CD drive, or you don't have a USB Flash Drive connected. Once you have removed the offending disk or USB drive, your machine should boot properly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That means MS windows(if your using windows) was unable to load from the hard disk. That means your hard disk is damaged and you're going to lose all files in it. Time to take it to a tech.

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    it means that ur laptop was not able to read the disk properly. Restart it problem will go

  • 1 decade ago

    a disk wasn't readable. did u leave a disk in there?.

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    means it couldn't read a block or sector that it needed, run a checkdisk and see if it can be fixed.

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    it wanted you to insert a 3.5 floppy in the drive, close it correctly and then remove the floppy

    you can re-set the bios to stop looking at the floppy drive

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