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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Mormons, I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind me asking.?

I have been looking into the Church, and been doing my research. I am well aware that there are antis out there who spread lies and rumors, so I want to get answers from real member. So please, if you are not LDS, don't answer.

What is the significance of you special undergarments?

Do you really believe that polygamy is something that will come back, whether in this life or in the next?

Do you honestly believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and saw Him?

These two links seem to be conflicting. Which one is correct?

Do you blindly believe anything your leaders say, or do you pray and figure it out on your own? Is there anything that your leaders have said that you do agree with, but then prayed about it and determined it to be true, so you follow it anyways?


Do you believe that we were created, or that we are literal sons and daughters of God? I was wondering this, since you believe in eternal progression and increase, so in my mind it would only make sense that, according to your beliefs, we are not created but were actually born to a God and His wife.

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    That is a lot of questions

    Garments are just reminders of sacred covenants made in the temple. Only those that have gone to the temple wear them. They are also about modesty.

    Polygamy, no I dont in this life, but yes I do in the next. You need to be sealed to an eternal companion to achieve the highest degree of glory or heaven and given the spiritual nature of women over men there will just probably be more women in that kingdom. It will be a calling, though, and not everyone will participate in it.

    Yes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and did see him.

    When it comes to sex it is about what couples are both comfortable doing without crossing a line, like pornography. Lewd language really is never suppose to be used and that I would think would include the bedroom. These are both just websites that are giving their opinion cutting and pasting their own versions of whatever they think.

    I have prayed and I know the church is true and the prophets and apostles are indeed men of God. If they give certain guidelines then I will accept it as true, even if I take issue with it, but I will still pray about the issues to gain a confirmation of truth for myself and maybe to get a better understanding for myself of the reasoning.

    I have never had any contradictions so far.

    Yes I do believe we were somehow spiritually born of heavenly parents. I dont know what exactly that constitutes, but I do believe that we were born as spirits to a heavenly father and mother before we came to this earth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st. This will be mildly repetative. The garment is worn as an outside sign of an inner commitment between you and your heavenly father. The church does not claim any magical powers although some people have their stories.

    2. I personally do not think that polygamy will come back. If it did in the next life it wouldn't bother me.

    3. Yes I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and I believe that he not only saw God but Jesus as well.

    4. I have read the stuff you wrote. This happened during a time when there was question as to whether oral sex and regular sex should both be treated equally regarding church standards and punishments. They are. Members of the church are instructed to avoid extreme perversion even in the marriage situation. They give you a leeway to determine as a couple what is perversion. Kinda like the first question I am always suprised by how many people care about what I do in my bedroom. Hey whatever works for ya.

    and the last question... WE are instructed that we don't have to blindly believe anything. We are instructed to pray and figure it out. The cool thing is that right is right. I have yet to have been told something that doesn't coincide with the Gospel I have been taught.

    Nope. But I will let you know if I do. I had some leaders that were dorks but there are just people. I don't really like some of them, but they don't tell me to do things that are against what I have been taught.

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  • Ender
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Garments act as a reminder of the promises we've made in the temple and promote modesty.

    Polygamy in the future.....I don't profess to know all of or understand God's will. If he asks us to live that law in the future, he'll have a good reason for doing so. I don't think there will be any unhappy or sort of happy celestial people, no matter how many wifes are in the family. Additionally, my personal belief is that some will, some won't. I don't think it will be forced or universal. Just my opinion.

    I sincerely believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God like the Prophets of the Old testament and that he literally saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. What better way to clarify the obscure doctrine of the Trinity!

    Oral sex has been debated on many levels for a long time. Some feel strongly that it's wrong, others feel it's fine. About 70 years ago there was talk of "thou shalt not have oral sex". In recent years it's been "respect each other in the bed room and have fun". If someone doesn't like it or isn't comfortable engaging in it, they shouldn't. Otherwise, have fun doing whatever it is that you enjoy.

    I believe that the prophet is an inspired man and is led by God. There are times that he offers counsel that I don't entirely understand. I do believe that we can and should seek to understand these things via study and prayer.

    We believe that we've always existed in some form. We believe that God is our Father literally. These are questions that we probably can't understand the answers in this life completely. We have a hard enough time understanding non-linear time.

    Hope that helps.

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  • phrog
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    LDS members who are in good standing (temple worthy) have the opportunity to wear garments. They are a reminder (as are many religious clothing) of covenants made between the individual and the Lord.

    No. Most do not believe polygamny will come back. Some believe it will be an option in the next life. The LDS believe that polygamy is only ok to practice when instructed to do so by the Lord - (as in the OT and at the begining of the LDS church). Currently it is not allowed, and members who practice polygamy are excommunicated. Even when it has been allowed, only a few practice it.

    Yes. It's kind of key to the whole restoration of the gospel that Joseph Smith saw God and His Son. Joseph was not perfect. No-one, not even prophets of old, is. The LDS do not expect perfection, and understand that even a prophet is human.

    There is a difference between what is church doctrine, or the official stand of the church on anything, and what it's members can and do say. Often, most members will agree on one idea or practice, and so it is considered to be a church standing, when in fact the official church stand may or may not have been taken. I can only find cautions on behaviour, but no official standing or church doctrine on this subject - this however, is subject to my individual research abilities. :) In other words, I may have missed something.

    The LDS are cautioned to pray and question things on their own. Some of us (again, we are not perfect - myself standing at the top of that list) have problems with different things and ideas. I have had a real tithing problem in the past. As a single mom with no family around who can help, and no child support, etc to help, sometimes tithing has been very tough to pay. It doesn't make it any less true or any less something I should do. Me and God have had to work this one out on our own - just the two of us - Him teaching and me learning until I finally get it. Tithing is just one concept I have had to have personal lessons on. I'm a tough learner I guess.

    We are the spirit children of God. He created the physical bodies we use here.

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  • Kerry
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I am a lifelong Mormon, and am happy to respond to your questions.

    The undergarments are received after a "worthy" member enters the temple for the first time. They act as a reminder of the sacred covenants and promises one makes before the Lord in the temple. They are not seen as "magical" as some antagonists make light of. As such a reminder, that can act as a "protection" against evil, which is maybe were the antis get their "magical" claims. In this way, they are simialr to the yamika or prayer shawl of the Jews.

    I am not sure about polygamy ever coming back. I do not think so. I think that it served its purpose back in the 1830's 40's 50's when there wer more women joining the church than men, and therefore the women did not have a real prospect of marraige in the temple. That is not the case any more.

    Absolutely I beleive, as do all Mormons, that God calls prophets in this day and age, as in times of old. he said so in Bible (Amos 3:7). I have a testimony that Joseph Smith was the prophet called to usher in this, the last dispensation of the fullness of times. Joseph had a spaicl mission to perform, and that we to restore the gospel of Jesus Chrtist to the earth in its fulness. A knwoledge or bleive of the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith is the key to Mormonism.

    If this is false, and Joseph were a deceiver, tyhen of course Mormonism is false. But on the other hand, if the things Joseph claim are true, and if God did indeed appear to Joseph and restore the gospel, then it would certianly be ever so important to give heed to Mormonism and learn what God had to say. I have done so and have asked God in prayer (as the apostle James instructs us to do in the Bible, James 1:5) and have reveived an answer. That is why I am a Mormon.

    I do not blindly follow any leader. I have faith and trust that as a leaader, they would be following God's will. But I do ask God whenever I have a question aboutanything to receive a "witness" from him about what he wants us to do. That witness comes from the Comforter, the Holy Ghost that God promised he woudl send to the earth.

    The two links you shared are not offical LDS Church links, so immediately their authenticity can be questioned. If you want to know officail Mormon doctrine, you should go to an official LDS church source, and or talk to an official church authority. There is an old saying, that goes: the fartehr water is taken from the springs, it can be more poluted."

    Source(s): Lifelong Mormon
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  • 1 decade ago

    wow, well you ask alot of questions and I think its important to realise that all but the first are personal opinions and not the church's standing. Your 2 different links DONT contradict each other, the second clarifies the first. The issue isnt if oral sex is wrong, its if someone asks because they arent comforable with it, its wrong for them. It was issued only to those who would be in authority to counsel the members and may run across such questions.

    The undergarments are a rememberance of the covenants made in the temple. They ARE special and shouldnt be discussed lightly especially in such a mixed forum. You should talk to the missionaries or the bishop of your local ward if you have any specific questions.

    I have no reason to think one way or the other on polygamy

    If I did not believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and saw God I would not be a member of this church. Every thing we believe is based on the truths of the first vision and the validaty of the Book of Mormon

    Our leaders always encourage us to pray and know for ourselves. We dont follow blindly, we follow because its right.

    Yes I have not agreed with something and prayed and had God tell me I was the one who was wrong.

    Source(s): Life Long LDS and loving it
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  • 1 decade ago

    Do you really believe that polygamy is something that will come back, whether in this life or in the next?

    Yes. My opinion is in the next.

    Do you honestly believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and saw Him?

    Yes, I do.

    I'm on a work computer so I won't go to the first website you posted.

    Do you blindly believe anything your leaders say, or do you pray and figure it out on your own?

    I get my own answers.

    Is there anything that your leaders have said that you do agree with, but then prayed about it and determined it to be true, so you follow it anyways?

    Sort of. I always had a problem with Native Americans being Lamenites and therefore one of the tribes of Israel, and trying to resolve that with DNA evidence that they weren't. Then I read an article on meridian magazine that said from the 1920's Apostles and church leaders were saying that Lehi's group was ONE of the peoples on the continents, not the ONLY. That settled it for me.

    Do you believe that we were created, or that we are literal sons and daughters of God?

    To me we're both. Our spirits are literal sons or daughters of God. Our physical bodies were created to house our spirit. God created the first physical bodies for Adam and Eve. So to me we're both. Because it takes our parents as well as God to create us, that's why it's so important that sex take place only within the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The undergarments are a reminder of covenants we make when we go through the Temple. Nothing sinister. Just like tying a piece of string is supposed to help you remember things.

    Polygamy is a divine principle. It was practised in the early Church to support widows and their children when husbands had died or were away doing the Lord's work. single sisters were also included so they could be supported. It may be included in the next world but I am not sure as to the reason why.

    We do believe that Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw and that he was a Prophet of God.

    To my knowledge, oral sex isnt illegal or banned but it is frowned upon. Sex is to be practised by a willing married couple to procreate and also as an expression of love for one another. Such practises as oral sex can often be seen as humiliating or degrading.

    We sustain the Prophet and other leaders. We trust them and will follow their guidance to the best of our abilities but we would not blindly follow them. If something seemed outrageous or completely out of harmony with Church standards or doctrine, it would be questioned.

    We were born to our Heavenly parents in the pre-mortal realm (before the Earth was created). We stood together and agreed to come to Earth and accept Heavenly Father's plan for us.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Our garments a a symbol of the promises we make with God when we go though the temple. We wear them night and day, except when inappropriate (e.g., bathing, exercise, sex). They have special marks but these are only discussed at a certain place in the temple. They are SACRED, not secret.

    I don't know about polygamy. I know that some will men have more than one wife. An example is my father. He was "sealed" to my mother (who died when I was a baby) and my step-mother (who died when I was 18). He will still be married to these good women in the next life.

    I KNOW Joseph saw God and Jesus. I've had a spiritual witness of this.

    As for your links, I've never heard that the church had a position. Thees seem more like a bunch of people's opinions than what the "Church" believes. What we do in our bedroom, within the bonds of marriage, is no ones business - my opinion.

    I don't blindly believe everything my leaders say. I research and pray about things.

    I admit, there is one area that I disagree with the church's practice regarding illegal aliens. I think the illegals should be encouraged to return to their country and obey US laws instead of welcoming them in so much.

    This doesn't shake my testimony about the church though. I KNOW the church is true.

    Source(s): life-long Mormon - call me "Sister Pink" -- email me if you like
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  • I answer your questions, not because they have not been answered correctly, but to reafirm what has allready been said,

    I would like to start with the question

    Do you honestly believe that joseph Smith was a prophet of God and Saw him?

    I answer that with this question, HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK OF MORMON AND FOLLOWED MORONI'S COUNSEL, if not than it does not matter what anybody else tells you, You see you have to have your own personal experiences, you have to have your own conversion, and without that you will just be another inactive on the churchs membership list, and we don't sit idly and let you be inactive, but its immpossible to be active without a testimony and the question i posed you is the most simple and fundamental thing in the church, because IF YOU FIND FOR YOURSELF THAT THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE(AND IT IS) THEN JOSEPH SMITH IS AND WAS A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD AND EVERYTHING SINCE IS TRUE AND THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS IS THE ONLY CHURCH ON EARTH THAT CONTAINS THE FULNESS OF THE GOSPEL, its that easy,

    now back to question # 1 about the undergarment, it is a reminder of covenants made in the temple,

    #2 it is not your responcibility, or mine, or anybody's here on earth at this time to be able to fully answer and understand that question, it is a calling from God, just like being called to teach sunday school, or to go on a mission, if the lord asks us to do something he will provide a way, and it is my belief that i donot have to understand polygamy because i will not be called in this life to do so. as well we will have a full understanding in the hereafter and that still does not mean you will be involved in polygamy, but sorry for rambling the good news is you do not have to worry about it.

    # 3 i allready answered yes, and yes

    #4 I will not look at those site, i do not involve myself in anti, or in others opinions, if i have a question or need counsel i will work that out with my bishop. not on a website. however i can tell you that it is completely against church policy to involve yourself in things that would seem socially taboo and sex is a wonderfull thing IS NOT TO BE PERFORMED WITH THE HOLY GARMENT ON, AND is still fun. not just for making babys,

    #5 contrary to what you may have heard or believe, some of the most intelligent people in the world are LDS, and i do not follow blindly, however that said, you must sustain and support our leaders, but you will know if they are out of line, and if so you may report that to there superior.

    Source(s): lifelong lds
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