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The Holocaust?

What are the differences between The Wave by Todd Strasser and The Holocaust? How about the same?

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    In "The Wave", it has a bunch of kids and a teacher that decide to make a school of people who did whatever they said. The "Holocaust" is about a girl whose life is during the actual Holocaust. It talks about how the people where treated and how they were killed and enslaved. The Wave is fictional. The Holocaust is Non-fictional. But, of course, they are both written to stress to you about the same thing: what it was like to be in a holocaust. The Wave, however, is an easier way for kids to understand what it is about because it is about people that are their age. They think that it might happen to them if somebody decides that they are going to team up with their teacher and make a school that is under their rule. The Holocaust is a better book for adults to read because they have a higher comprehension level and can understand more things than children.

    Source(s): Last year in the sixth grade I read the Holocaust and earlier in this school year, I read The Wave for my advanced English teacher.
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    How are the same. They are both loosely based on real events that have been blown way out of proportion. Stop and think about it. If the Wave really happened, don't you think Okara would have have had at least one of those students on by now?

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    I agree w/ kw their answer is thought out it gives the answer 2 quest.

    w2g kw

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