Theists: How would you feel about your kids going to schools with mostly atheist and liberal staff?

I go to a university here in Canada and I think almost all of my professors are atheist (some have outright said so), and I think all are liberal/democratic.

Would it bother you if you knew that those teaching your children comprised of such characteristics?


Someone who isnt making their view known is giving the thumbs down...tsk tsk...stop lurking in the shadows.

Update 2:

Bfell: In my instance they arent necessarily discussing religion...only two of my classes currently do

and in the past, not many

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    Depends upon how and what they taught them.

    Just like a public school has no business teaching any child that Christianity is the true religion, it also has no business teaching any child that their religion is false.

    I suspect most public school teachers respect the establishment clause. Some do not, on both sides.

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    I go to an American university. I'm getting a master's degree in Social Work, so it's basically a forgone conclusion that the professors are liberals. The rare occasions that I find ones that aren't, are pretty memorable.

    When I was in undergrad, I was a history major and it was pretty much 50/50. I liked those odds better personally because I'm a Christian conservative. All but one of my professors in undergrad were happy to let anyone believe whatever they wished; graduate school is far less tolerant and I find myself just keeping my mouth shut most of the time.

    I don't really worry about my kids going to a university filled with liberals and atheists. By age eighteen, I would hope that I would have given my kids enough exposure to the church and the Holy Spirit that they would be able to hold onto who they are while under fire.

    As young children, I would be less crazy about it. Fortunately, where I live, elementary school teachers in general seem to be a pretty Christian sort of people. While some of them have ideas I disagree with, they tend to stay away from controversial subjects around the kids.

    I guess it would depend on the school curriculum. I don't think atheists and liberals have cooties, I'm fine with my kids learning the three r's from them. But I would never send my kids to a private school for atheists or anything.

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    I think most theists are tolerant. I personally am atheist and would let a theist teach my kids but some like going into religion in class I know, I've been a student and we can't deny that fact that some will show their biases.

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    No, not really.

    I don't believe in keeping anyone in a bubble. They have to learn how to cope. Not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone acts the same.

    I know of many people who are terrified by the very idea. One of my favorite places to eat is based on a New Orleans theme and has a lot of voodoo items in glass boxes around the place. I was telling another Catholic out about the yummy food and the interesting decorations and she CHEWED ME OUT for even entering such a place.

    That kind of fear is just silly.

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  • Ladydi
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    1 decade ago

    No. The teachers aren't teaching about religion or anything. There are many teachers/kids that are non-christian at my daughter's school, I'm sure. What matters to me is that I and my husband live as a positive example so that our children will learn from that. Then as they grow, they will be able to make educated decisions on their own.

  • Kat
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    God bless Texas....(lil humour)

    As long as my child is tought the things they need to be tought in their choice of study then what's the problem?

    I'm not liberal or democrat at all, we're also southern one we know or in this family is liberal or democrat either and where we live i can't see a university being like that but it wouldn't bother me really.

    So long as they are not met with predjudism for their beliefs or dictated too about what they should/shouldn't believe we would have no problem.

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    To me it matters far more that my daughter gets a proper education than what she is told about belief. I would rather people be mindful of others, but that doesn't always happen.

    Though honestly I would rather my daughter be a potentially delusional atheist who challenges the idea than a blindly believing thiest who does not. So long as she thinks for herself is all that matters for me, whatever view she takes after that is her own choice.


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    Wouldn't care. If my children were minors, I would not want these people teaching any religion to them - that's my job. If my children are college-aged, they are old enough to make informed choices and seek out relevant information, so I still don't care about the leanings of the staff.

  • Aravah
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    I would absolutely welcome it! I do NOT want religion taught in schools. That should be left to parents, religious institutions and religious schools. Who would decide what religion is taught, how it's taught and who is qualified to teach it? I wouldn't want some Baptist minister trying to teach Islam or a Rabbi trying to tackle Buddhism.

    Religion is based on Faith, not Fact - therefore it should only be covered in religious institutions, at home or in Comparative Religion classes.

  • Sky
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    1 decade ago

    My parents sent me to a school where I was told that the story of Adam and Eve was only a myth. My parents aren't Christians, but they obviously did not have a problem with it. Most at my uni right now are atheists too.

    - I am in the UK

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