Can anyone help my friend please?

My friend down loaded spybot yesterday and she cant open any programs she has already installed on her comp . she keeps getting a error message reading ..................failed to activate control "VB.UserControl" . Can anyone tell me what this message means or how she can resolve this problem ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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  • markp
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    1 decade ago
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    You mean Spybot Search & Destroy from, or an actual Spybot?

    Possibly they've been infected with a trojan that it's resident protection thing is picking up and preventing from running (but in that, preventing the program from running also). Have you done a full system scan with SSD yet (and ad-aware, and a decent antivirus program)?

    Might need to uninstall/reinstall the offending programs, or reinstall your visual basic runtime engine (which might be the one infected thing)

    Then again SSD does soemtimes have conflicts with stuff. Get it fully updated and see if this continues, maybe hit their forums (I think they have some?). My computer went a bit apesh*t for a couple days after I last updated it (I *was* like six months behind, so the size of the updates may have caused incompatibilities as different parts had momentarily different version numbers), but was fine afterwards.

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