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shoukd i revise maths or additional science first?

they are both totally borin


lost- just need to do practice papers for maths and remba how to do tignometry

Update 2:

lol u make it sound so simple...thats easy to remember but wen you av to think bout sine rule eg 3 angles one side and put it into practice it gets confusin

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    Math shouldn't need revision, its mostly about understanding the sucject...but if you do need to revise it than choose the easier one first, the harder should come out fresh for the exam...


    Edit: yeah tue but that should take like 1h,

    trigonomatrey is simple.....soh-cah-toa..

    s=sign o=oposite over =hypotanuse

    c=cosign a=ajacent over = hypotanuse

    t=tan o=oposite over a= ajacent..

    lol my method of remembering them...

    o yeah sorry for the spelling mistakes, i am a bad speller lol..



    Edit: hey i remeber that...u just have to....o wait i forgot! :@ .....

    yeh i guess ur right, i studied that this year something with taking the two angles next to each other, do something with them than subtract that last angle, than divide them by 2xthose two andles u added....lol....here

    a* + b* - c* / 2ab = the side...lol *= squared....

    lol thats the formula i remember, but it might not be it...lol


    hahaha, im lost for real now!

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    all you really need is to become more focused in class that should be a start because it will make revising a lot easier once you have finished your lesson look at a revision book or a book for that particular subject and see what you understood and what you didn't Make small notes of what you understand in your own words so if say you forget you can use those notes to help you remember so you don't have to go back and reread the book also give some examples and do step by step how you did it for subjects like maths. for thing's you don't understand, you might find it hard to remember making it hard again to understand you should make larger notes put your own understanding the explanation from the book and get a teacher to tell you their understanding I know it's long but you can have notes form a year ago and still might find it hard to remember what you understood also make example and step to step on how you did it. make sure you make note on what you have done in class as well and list the thing's that you don't understand and tell you're teacher to help you. I suggest only doing 15 mins of revising each subject per say I know what you're thinking it's too short but like you said you get bored their is no way in making revision fun so doing something like that for a short time will only help you out more I've done the read a book for 1 hour and that is worse as I get into a state were im reading and day dreaming at the same time and forget everything that I just read their is no way in making it more interesting and by doing that it help's keep your mind refreshed because you'r changing what you'r reading and doing each time.

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    if you think you can focus better now, go with science, because i feel its more of memorizing stuff..if not, try math-it might pep you up a bit..nothing's interesting if you're not interested..so just try your best to develop some interest for the moment- you don't have to study it in a boring way..

    if there's lots to study, focus on the harder&more important stuff first, then move on to the less important ones.however, if you feel like you're losing confidence, switch to the easier ones till you be comfortable with studying.

    anw, all the best..

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    are you like my twin or something.

    It is absolutely freaaaky this question coz I am thinking EXACTLY the same thing.

    Weiirrd.. =P

    Go for the maths. Add. Sci is like easy and quick to do. Maths needs loooads of practice..

    Good Luck!

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    how about Additional Math. LOL.

    Seriously, the one you have exams on first. If both about the same time revise the one you are week on first.

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    i agree, both suck. but at least with science you just memorize the stuff, math needs a lot of understanding. do math first, get it over with.

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    Perhaps English?

  • Anonymous
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    I love science. It's fascinating to me, especially physics. So I recommend you take science first.

  • Anonymous
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    Science. Save best (easier) for last.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    math because i love it

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