Is anybody familiar with Mary Cassatt, specifictly her Woman Bathing piece?

What Style From art history apply to this artwork? Has the function and subsequent meaning changed over time and other info you can give me of her.

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    She painted the personal lives of mothers with their children in very casual intimate settings. She was an impressionist. I think the message of close bonds with children in her paintngs still remain true today.

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    Mary Cassatt Wiki

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    I just finished reading about her in my Art History class. She's an Impressionist. If you want to know more about a specific painting you can usually find a page on Wiki for it, if they don't have a page for that particular painting, go to Mary Cassatt's Wiki page and you'll find lots of links to museum sites with articles about her work. Those sites usually have professional critiques on specific paintings. Those are usually the opinons you want when writing an art paper.

    You can also try typing the name of the work into a search and you'll get articles that way as well.

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    She is an Impressionist

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