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Mike Gravel joins libertarian party?

Mike Gravel joined the libertarian party

Here's where he stands on the issues

Here is where Ron Paul stands on the issues

I like Mike Gravel waaaay better than the three media contenders left but I like Ron Paul even better.

For anyone who is sick and tired of the lesser of evils being thrown in our faces, if you are a liberal check out Mike Gravel. If you are conservative, Ron Paul.


The question:

What do you think about Mike joining the libertarian party? I've heard that people don't like this idea because of his social platform.

Do you think he belongs?

Update 2:

eww Bill Maher. That guy is untrustworthy and full of it.

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    I like Mike Gravel a lot. I'm really glad that he joined the ranks of the Libertarians. I think he embodies what the party truly stands for. I could tell from hearing him speak on certain issues how frustrated he was with the Democratic Party and their phony elitists who fully support the actions of fake Republicans (Neocons), so I am not surprised that he wanted to distance himself from that.

    There are a couple of issues l disagree with Gravel on. However, I don't really disagree with Ron Paul on anything, so Ron would still be my first choice. But yes, I would definitely take Gravel over any of the current frontrunners. Overall, he's an honest man with a lot of integrity.

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    Yes, I think the Libertarian party has a pretty wide umbrella. Mike Gravel seems to be an honest man. I don't agree with his one great big world government vision, but I would vote for him over about 98% of the other candidates in the race.

    Ron Paul excepted, of course!

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    I'm a registered Libertarian and I have my own perspective of what it means - I think others do as well. Bill Maher calls himself Libertarian but if you ever watch his show you'd swear he's a typical Lefty.

    It doesn't bother me. Part of the reason I joined is because it's another party - besides the fact I agree with them.

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    how can mike gravel call himself a libertarian if he supports a ban on smoking public places? ive also heard he wants to decriminalize and regulate drugs? and he supports a carbon tax? he sounds like a democrat in libertarians clothing to me. i dont really understand the purpose of his change in party affiliation if he even remotely supports any of these things. stick to ron paul.

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    confident. the only with the main votes from Republican electorate.. i think of it particularly is McCain. particularly i comprehend that McCain based on the votes. Ron Paul has great techniques. they have not got any foundation in actuality in this international, yet great Idealistic techniques. he's be a great Libertarian party candidate He claims to be a Republican. He would not characterize me as an self reliant balloting Republican. Why isn't he helping his party Candidate... you're a Republican and help the party...or you at the instant are not. Who does he characterize and in what number of the party does he chosen to declare? He optimistic as HELL would not characterize me.

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    I think Mike Gravel is great. He will be a wonderfull asset to the Libertarians.

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    I don't know much about him, but when taking a few polls I was an 86% match to his believes,Thanks for to link. I appreciate it.

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    Grate news.

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