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What does a steam condenser do?

I'm doing this Science fair thinger and my topic is 'Steam condenser'. I have to do a lab report on it and got stuck at the problem, I don't know what a steam condenser is or does. I know how my problem is going to turn out I just don't know what the problem is. Please HeLp!!!!

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    steam condenser is usually a metal or glass pipe that has a double layer. In the inside pipe you have steam (from ditillation), and in the outside mantle (between 2 pipes, one place in the other) you have cold water. The cold water cools down the steam and the steam condenses.

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    When you run steam through a turbine you get shaft work out of it and to account for that loss of energy in the system the pressure and temperature of the steam drops but it will still be steam (most likely saturated steam at a lower pressure). If you want to run that same steam through the turbine again you have to pump it back up to a high pressure again so you can get that shaft work out of the turbine. You use the condenser to make it a liquid again because it is much easier and less expensive to pump liquids to high pressures than to compress gasses to high pressures. Then you can send it back to the boiler and through the turbine again.

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