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Choosing RAM Upgrades?

I'm currently leaning about computers & I'm researching memory (RAM). You know how some memory is not compatible, whatever, "Right"? When you search for RAM they all have fancy titles like in the example bellow.

ACP 512MB - 333MHz DDR333/PC2700 - Non-ECC - DDR SDRAM - 184-pin DIMM Upgrade for Desktop (Item # 669260)

Anyway, I know the memory is supposed to be compatible with the mother-bored. Is there anything in the title on the example that I can use to look for memory myself.

What I want to know is how to do it myself, without using a special website or/ & without asking for help in the tech store Micro-Center etc.


I can tell you that but I want to know what information can I use to surf through the web or the store and find my own memory.

Here is an example: I am using a “Dimension 3000” I got the following results at this link “ & I would like to run a specific search here. " What information would be correct in putting on this website to make a search to get only the compatible results.

Update 2:

So what information would I enter into a RAM search engine to get only the compatible components as results?

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    1 decade ago
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    A motherboard will show somthing like this for memory support:


    Number of Memory Slots 4×240pin

    Memory Standard DDR2 800

    Maximum Memory Supported 8GB

    Dual Channel Supported Yes

    Memory slots are slots in which you can place chips in, so there are 4 slots in this particular board.

    It also states that is supports 240Pin memory.

    Memory standerd is what the fastest memory the board supports so anything DDR2-800 and lower as in DDR2-533 will work.

    Maximum memory supported is how much the motherboard supports so even thou it has 4 slots you couldnt put 4; 4-Gig sticks in , because that would be 16Gig, so a max of 4;2Gig sticks would be highest.

    Dual channel is for sinked packs of 2 running at same specs for faster perfomance, so a pack of 2;2Gig sticks running at same speed for a total of 4Gig's sinked.

    So most important make sure the pin's are the same and the speed is the same if not lower

  • 1 decade ago

    You just need too learn what the specs for this RAM are:

    ACP - brand

    512 MB - memory storage capacity

    333 MHz - bus speed

    DDR333/PC2700 - Double Data Rate (type of RAM) at 333 MHz bus speed/PC2700 - just another way of saying DDR333 or 333MHz RAM

    Non-ECC - Non error checking, some RAM is error checking some is not

    DDR SDRAM - Double Data Rate Static Dynamic RAM - type of RAM

    184 pin - number of connections for DDR RAM

    Take a look at what your motherboard requires and just compare the numbers. Generally, I just search for what I might need anyway.

  • 1 decade ago

    look for type of RAM like SDRAM, DDR or DDR2. then look for the speed, 100, 333, 533, 667 etc all in Mhz or something like PC 4200, PC 6400 etc. these two figures should match with your advertised motherboard specs.

    lastly, look for size like 512mb, 1gig, 2 gig etc. your motherboard should also support the size of ram. however, this information is more likely to be found inside the mobo's manual.

  • 5 years ago

    Limit is 4 GB as you have two slots and each can support 2GB See the link for compatible RAM

  • 1 decade ago

    Easy, give me your motherboard model and i'll give you a list of ram specifications that you can use on it. =)

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