Is there any good tablets which increase the sex timing to hours?

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like i have sex and discharge soon. i want to have sex and keep having sex for atleast hour or 2 and than discharge. any one knows any tablets used in films to delay the timing to its more
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  • trish answered 6 years ago
eat lots of mints.

it helps.

i eat about 10 mints before.
and i dont know what it is in the mints but
it keeps me and my man going for hours.

no joke.

i told alot of my girfriends about it too
and now they do it. and again, its sucessful for them

so try it.
it will work.
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  • Jelly Bean answered 6 years ago
    You need to find out if your lady wants you to be humping on her for 1 to 2 hours.
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  • Randall answered 6 years ago
    You don't want it. Your penis would be one massive blood clot in two hours and it would be your last sex act.
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  • Hugh Jarse answered 6 years ago
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  • pitchingcoach answered 6 years ago
    No that's not the way it works. You have to learn to control it yourself. There are exercises but it's mostly your mind.
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  • faithless 717 answered 6 years ago
    Masturbate before you have intercourse. This will improve your timing!!
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  • broono93a answered 6 years ago
    just control ur self
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  • *~Moi~* answered 6 years ago
    Learn to meditate.

    That will teach you self-control and prolong

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  • Annu answered 6 years ago
    Try xylocaine jelly, your performance will definitely improve.
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  • sukinon answered 6 years ago
    Learn how to work it!
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