do those GAS FUEL SAVER things that you instal in your intake tube actually true! It sounds too good to be tru

they r on sale on ebay all the time!

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    1 decade ago
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    If you install cold air intake, it might improve your mileage about 1 mpg (depending on how you drive). They advertise all sorts of other aftermarket parts claiming to give you better mileage and they won't. Just like the people that say that you get 2-3 mpg better if you leave the tailgate down on your truck. People want to believe there are ways to improve mileage and the only way you can improve your mileage is to drive consciously.

    Also, if your vehicle is under warranty (factory or dealer) and you develop any problems due to aftermarket parts such as this, your warranty is void and you will pay for it.

    Source(s): Husband is a level 4 Chrysler Master Tech and I work in a Chrysler service dept.
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    1 decade ago

    New car manufacturers would love to advertise better gas mileage to sell more cars. Why don't they have the "fuel savers" already installed from the factory? You probably can't measure any difference in gas mileage, so the gas saver hawkers just ask you to believe, believe, believe. Do you believe?

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    Yes it is true, as you know the gas prices will never go down! You can try it and if you are not able to do it on your own, ask a mechanic to help you out... Let's say if it still doesn't work you can always go on their website and get some online help for free. And if you still can not do it, you have around 8 weeks or something like that to send it back and get 100% of your money back! You could try it! You can also go on youtube and watch some videos about that....

    My brother did the conversion and to be honest he asked for some help and now it works! So think about it! Because I'm sure that the gas prices will never go down!!! :(

    So if you are interested this is the website where my brother purchased his guide... or

    Good luck man!;)

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