Why is it that almost every "pretty" girl seems to have no soul, but?

I'm a "pretty good looking guy," and yet I have plenty, and am full of love, and don't want to hurt anyone, and would be totally willing to love a woman who was down and out. What the **** is with our nation's ****** "Idols;" that's what they are I guess. I think that's why. They are too idolized. Boycott!!!! Yes, they are attractive, but hell, it is so they can be someone's, not so they can fuccc with men, and take what they want. If I was a girl, I suppose I'd be able to do the same, but I know I wouldn't. I will still like pretty girls, always, and hope to meet plenty that have hearts, but so far, I have not found too many... no, not at all actually; although, I'll give em this, I haven't talked to everyone, or met enough. And they are so slick; they never look like they are bad, but the always turn out to be. I just don't trust beautiful women I guess; perhaps i'm wise. Oh well, I'm ranting and raving. Sorry guys, I've had my heart twisted around enough in my life...


Maybe there's something in the zodiac, who knows... just searching for answers, but I've noticed all leos like myself are nice.

Update 2:

I'm even kind to the point that I let people walk on me to an extent, cause I know I'm strong. and i really am... physically I am ripped and strong as hell, and i'm strong in my heart. I don't mess with no one. What the hell.

Update 3:

It just seems that everyone i have known seems to mess with me, the guys

The girls just do mean **** to me

and don't understand or ditch me

Update 4:


Common person below about the overweight girl. You don't make any sense, why would I want to be with something I plainly am unattracted too. It's not a matter of pickyness, but attraction, and hey, i'm attractive too, and i wont complain if a girl likes me for the way i look to start out with, which is where it always starts. Common get a grip!

Update 5:

and dude below. I find my girls in school usually and don't really go to clubs or bars. I have never found a girl there... I am kind of shy, and don't "pick up chicks", but rather try to fall in love with one that looks like a winner, when I meet them, but I'm always wrong. And yes, they are always pretty, but so am I, hey! common..

Update 6:


just a girl,

nothing against you... You may be beautiful... I once fell in love with a girl i never saw, who said she was only cute, and not that pretty. she was just beautiful too me, and I would have been with her

There are some girls you just fall in love with for the way they are. I've had it with the classified pretty girls, cause they are always mean to me, even if they have a little looks, or either that, or they are just so wrapped up in their little world to care any more about me than an occasional chat

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    well honey thats because u are dealing with childish girls

    and not women

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe so called "pretty girls" are often stereotyped negatively as much as fat, unattractive girls. I know plenty of girls/women that are stunningly beautiful inside and out. I'm sorry your experiences have been bad . However, if I were you I would never settle for someone I wasn't extrememly attracted to. Physical attraction is extremely vital to a great relationship, IMO. My only advice is to wait it out. No matter how many bad apples you have to encounter first, it will make "the one" even more precious to you when you find her. Indeed you will, no doubt. By the way, Leo's usually have high standards and will never be happy settling for less. An attractive Gemini would be great for you and the sexual attraction would be a porno waiting to happen.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not all pretty girls are like that. But u have a point there. Pretty girls think they can dance to any tune and get what they want. But fortunately im not one of them. I know how 2 really love someone. But that's what women always say about pretty guys. Plenty of pretty boys also do the same as pretty woman does.

  • 1 decade ago

    Whats so werid is thats how i feel about men... i am a pretty attractive female that gets a lot of male attention but the males i meet have no soul also... they dont kno how to treat a female thats willin to give them anythin in thier power. and im starttin to give up hope .. women bee hurt so many times that when they meet a attractive male that seems real they do not kno how to act... I'm sorry that u heart been twisted so many times... mines has and is getting twisted right now.. good luck sir...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe dude you are lookin for girls in the wrong places. Say like if you go to bars huntin women, you are gonna get tramps like you talk about.

    But if you hang maybe other places more respectible then you will find women with more substance who will appreciate your kinda person.

    Hot girls are often shallow it's true. But you can get decent lookin women that are affectionate and loving who have some substance.

    Sounds like you been screwed a couple of times dude. Sorry to hear that. Life sucks sometimes man.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are just stereotyping, nothing more.

    The same can be said of "good-looking guys"

    You claim they are different by citing yourself as an example yet it has been my personal experience that all the extremely "hot" guys are promiscuous underachievers.

    I agree, women are idolized but then again men strive to be what they are not just the same.

    Men are constantly bragging about how many women they have "hooked up with." Woman who take what they want do so because they know they man they are with will drop them as soon as someone else who will give them attention comes along.

    Your stereotypical hot guy are just as conceited and just as soul-less as your stereotypical pretty girl.

  • 1 decade ago

    well don't get it wrong some gurls don't have souls u just haven't met the ones u do.some ppl u don't have a soul just have bad reputations have been hurt so many times before and stuff.i mean i think everyone has a soul but it probably is not much.or something could be going on with them or they are just mad with the world.every gurl iz attractive in there on way just wait until the one u think has the most soul creeps ups and finds her way into your heart.

    p.s on one of ur questions u put u come from a christian background i d to and i dont think zodiacs would help u find out anything but thats what i think not saying u have to listen to me.zodiacs dont have meaning and who knows if they are true no one (not even me)base your beliefs on your heart (i would base it on GOD)

    good luck and GOD BLEZZ YOU

  • Leaf
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    1 decade ago

    Here's my question for you: Would you be willing to date an ugly, overweight girl with lots of soul? No? Perhaps that's why we have so many F-ed up Idols in our Nation. I'm sorry about your twisted heart but if you are being a hypocrite you have no right to complain.

    If you would date someone you deemed unattractive with lots of soul, why are you messing with the beautiful soulless ones?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey i really think u should take some time to let all ur anger out like ur doing right now. maybe listening to music u can relate to. but i get where ur going at, just have hope & know that nothing lasts forever. just like ur anger here, oh & i study horoscopes but Leos go great with Libra,Sagittarius,Gemini :] ohkay just have hope like that. life's too short to keep complaining and to be down all the time dude & i'm sure u know that deep down inside. have some hope & let's live this life that we only could live once. day by day happily, now c'mon u can do this

  • 1 decade ago

    My guess is you're mostly attracted by those girls that try to look as beautiful as possible on the outside and pretend to ignore men so they can toy with them.

    Yea that's kinda nice for screwing around with your brain and not getting bored but it's of your own making.

    You can't expect someone to be attracted to you because you like them and because you're "full of love" as you say.

    Let others be a judge of that.

    If you mess with the wrong type of women you're bound to get hurt.

    Looks to me like you don't see in girls the qualities you want them to see in you.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe beautiful girls can have what they want because society creates it like that. It doesn't mean that all beautiful girls are selfish. You are just learning about life. You will find a girl who loves you for who you are, so stay true to yourself and try not to judge all girls on what a few do. Good luck....

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