Does quitting my job during mat leave affect the employment insurance benefit? (Ontario, Canada)?

I have been thinking of looking for another job in my field because I feel unchallenged in my current role. However, I also found out that I am pregnant. I would stick it out until I have to go on mat leave, but can I quit my job sometime during my leave without it affecting my benefits? I am in Ontario, Canada.


I'm not sure that people are understanding my question: I don't want to quite BEFORE the baby comes; I want to quit sometime DURING my maternity--at the end, most likely--so that when I go back to work, I will have a new job.

I am asking this because when I look at the requirements for maternity benefits, they only state that I must have worked x hours for the previous x weeks, etc., but do not state anything about the status of employment during leave.

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    That is going to be sticky and no one on Yahoo Answers would be able to answer that one. Normally, maternity benefits are under the assumption you are returning to your place of work. Your employer could modify your ROE to show quit rather than maternity as a reason for separation and a review of your claim would happen. I'd call Service Canada to ensure you find out the true answer for your specific situation.

    It is sticky because you can collect special benefits if you quit/are fired...but maternity, as I said...the assumption is there that you will return to your job.

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    quiting your job will directly effect your benefits. Wait till you have the baby and then spend some time with your baby. You can find a good job later but don't quit now.

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    Yes, quitting your job makes you uneligible for unemployment benefits. The pregnancy is irrelevant.

    Source(s): agent, 21+ years
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