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名稱 : 大波斯菊

學名 : Common

分佈 : 原產於墨西哥

分類 : 菊科

品種 : 花型有單瓣和重瓣,花色有白、黃、桃紅、紫紅或複色等

型態 : 株高約50~150公分;葉互生,2回羽狀複葉,小葉纖細呈線型;花頂生或腋生,花莖細長,舌狀花瓣,8片,中心筒狀,呈黃色。

用途 : 適合花壇、盆栽

花期 : 秋至春季


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    你這種介紹沒啥文法可言... 相近內容我給你一個比較制式的

    Common Name : Cosmos

    Sicientific Name : Cosmos bipinnatus

    Indigenous To : Maxico

    Height: Up to 6 ft.

    Flower Color: Solid pink, white, maroon, and starburst pink with deep

    pink flares

    Flower Type: Daisy-like Single or double.

    Plant Type: Annual. Lives just one year. Grows quickly, blooms

    heavily, dies with first frost. Can regrow following spring

    if seed falls on bare ground.

    Flowering attributes: Double frilly petals, on 4-inch flowers in white,

    pink and burgundy colors.grow to 50~150 cm.

    Use : Gorden or Pot Plant

    Bloom Time: Fall to next year's Spring

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