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    In any working conditions, holds a meeting is a common matter. Must

    hold a good conference not to be actually difficult, but is strange,

    everybody always opens not well. But usual conference quality

    condition also very bad, not only often had not achieved the estimate

    the conference effect, instead initiates the very many other

    conferences question. For example the common question includes: The

    subject focal point is fuzzy, is holds a meeting or to chat? In front

    of the meeting not the full communication, the dispute opposes also

    wastes the time, not the easy mutual recognition, some people to lead

    the right to speak, the conference time too is long, lacks the

    participation feeling, you said you I thought (chats) I, the result

    not 彰 and so on.

    What is called the successful conference? Is must utilize the shortest

    time, goes must achieve the estimate conference goal, and makes all

    people in attendance to be pleased. Speaks vernacular is, we all have

    the different idea with respective work responsibility person, must in

    the limited resources with the time in, the fast effective

    condensation mutual recognition, solve the problem together which the

    club management process central plane is near. The successful

    conference has several key essential factors:1st, explicit conference goal: The conference goal needs beforehand to

    write in the summit agenda, president as soon as starts in the

    conference to be supposed first to say the ming dynasty printed books

    inferior conference goal. The goal may by digital, the time, the date

    isometric goal define as far as possible, in the conference can focus

    the discussion. 2nd, draws up the proper summit agenda: The summit

    agenda needs first to draw up, and beforehand issues the correlation

    attending personnel, enables everybody to shift to an earlier time the


    Source(s): P.S 彰 是不是打錯了? 自己
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