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農農 asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 1 decade ago

Wake Me Up When September Ends




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  • 1 decade ago
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    男:you konw this life is short. once you wake up one day I 'll be there.

    Always dreams,everyting you wish for any one another God just like that you konw people get old and all things change and situations are changing ,but I want is just I want this moment right now this day my feelings for you the way you look right now when I look at you I just want this last very very long.

    女:well(no matter what) we've already know we really had each other and nothing can change that but I just want you know no matter what way you always have somebody here for you,I always. I'm never gonna leave you, I'm never gonna leave you (kiss)I love you.

    男:I know,I know

    女:don't leave me.

    男:I won't

    女:don't leave me .

    男:I won't


    女:tell me you didn't do it

    男:I do it

    女:tell me you didn't do it

    男:I do it (被打了一巴掌)

    女:tell me you didn't do it please please oh my God oh my God please you didn't do it .please how could you do this to me ?

    男:don' do this don't do this love you too.

    女:God (哭喊中……)

    男:stop stop ,just listen

    女:how could you do this to me ? oh my God …

    男:a lot of people don't understand,why don't you understand? I did it for us .I did it for us, this is the best way to make us easier.I thought you'll be proud of me ,you don't understand why I did this!!

    女:oh my God oh my God…


    女: i'm never gonna leave you…



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