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May I please have the lyrics of "Girl for all seasons" from Grease2?

Somehow I cannot access my Music in YA & I desperately need the lyrics.

Can someone please be a dear & copy & paste the lyrics for me?


Thanks much!

10points assured! : )


Edit: Ej, you are an angel! Thanks very much!

Edit: Mr.Mukha, No, I don't use it. Thanks anyway.

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    I'll be yours in springtime

    When the flowers are in bloom

    We'll wander through the meadows

    In all their sweet perfume

    And every night, I'll hold you tight

    Beneath that April moon

    I'll be your girl for all seasons

    All the year through

    Your girl for all seasons

    'Cause I love, yes I love

    To be everything to you, just you

    I'll be yours in summer

    When we're playing in the sand

    We'll spend the day together

    Making love and getting tanned

    And on the beach on sunset

    When we're walking hand and hand

    If you fall in the fall,

    You'll see September can be heavenly

    If you fall, say you'll fall for me

    When autumn leaves are falling from the trees

    I'll be yours in winter when the snow is on the ground

    I'll warm you through December and I'll always be around

    We'll kiss below the mistletoe when Santa comes to town

    Your girl for all seasons

    I'll be your girl for all seasons

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    omg. i love that scene! michelle pfieffer as the christmas tree. then she goes into the whole "love will turn back the hands of time" song.

    i know someone already got you the lyrics. but just wanted to let you know. :)

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    It really is a lot faster to just look up the lyrics yourself. Seriously.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Google, mutha fukka! Do you use it??!??

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