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Whos the best point guard in the west/east?

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    west- cp3

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    What up Bob C,

    West: Chris Paul. No one has expected the Hornets to be as good as they are- and Chris Paul has been the tablesetter for them. While Steve Nash is more a product of the system-- with the talent he has been surrounded with- it's arguable that he's underachieved. Chris Paul looking at this year has definitely overachieved, and presently is the best point guard in the game- and that's impressive consideirng the other point guards in the West: Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Baron Davis, A.I., Jason Kidd, Brandon Roy, and the list goes on.

    East: Chauncy Billups. The East really does not have too many top tier point guards. Jose Calderon is not bad either- but he needs a bit more time. Chauncy is clutch and one of the best shooters with the game on the line. And he has been the quarterback of the well-oiled Detroit machine.


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    West= Chris Paul/Steve Nash

    East= Agent Double Zero/Chauncey Billups

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    East: Billups

    West: Deron Williams/ CP3

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    East - do they have point guards in the East?

    West - Nash (but CP3 is the heir apparent)

  • 3 years ago

    i believe Goran Dragic is a extra efficient aspect shelter than Mo Williams. Ever because Steve Nash left the Suns, Goran Dragic became actually the chief of the crew. besides the indisputable fact that, in case you requested that many years in the past i ought to have absolutely stated Mo Williams became a extra efficient aspect shelter.

  • i'll say chris paul in the west, and still chris paul in the east if the hornets come back to charlotte. hey, it's just that i don't think there's a pure point in the east.

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    east - chauncey billups (Mr. Big Shots)

    west - cp3 (MVP caliber point guard, and the next nash. he's even starting to take over the league now)

  • Steve Nash and Chauncey Billups

  • 1 decade ago

    west - Nash / east - chaunsey

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    Very very simple Answer:

    East: Billups

    West: Chris Paul

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