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anyone know names of companies combatting global warming?

I am working on a research paper, and need some help finding companies that are taking active action to combat global warming.

Can anyone help me out with the names of some of these companies or organizations?

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    * Alcan Inc.

    * Alcoa

    * American International Group, Inc. (AIG)

    * Boston Scientific Corporation

    * BP America Inc.

    * Caterpillar Inc.

    * Chrysler LLC

    * ConocoPhillips

    * Deere & Company

    * The Dow Chemical Company

    * Duke Energy

    * DuPont

    * Exelon Corporation

    * Ford Motor Company

    * FPL Group, Inc.

    * General Electric

    * General Motors Corp.

    * Johnson & Johnson

    * Marsh, Inc.

    * NRG Energy, Inc.

    * PepsiCo

    * PG&E Corporation

    * PNM Resources

    * Rio Tinto

    * Shell

    * Siemens Corporation

    * Xerox Corporation


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    There are lots of them around the world but on panda.org you can see some of the companies who have made pledges to lower their impact on climate change.


    Hope this helped.

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    Patagonia is one of them. Manufacturer of innovative and great outdoor apparel. You can also check out www.onepercentfortheplanet.org

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    There's a few like:




    Fore more websites go to the green directory at:


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