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Ask a girl out?

should i ask a girl out of i play tennis over 5 times a week and take it very seriously. would this get in the way of a possible relationship?


im 15. Why?

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    ......well......"Brooke Shields didn't do much for Andre' Agassi's career....." but I'm guessing you may not have as much "high life' as they did.....and you are 15 years old....I wouldn't worry about it......ASK HER OUT !!!.......I think you can juggle still live with your parents, right?......she may enrich your tennis.....nOW is the prime of your life..take in as much as you can...some day, these options may not all be readily available ...especially without other responsibilities and yourself........".....all work and no play makes for a DULL jack..."......

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    if she likes you, she SHOULDN'T mind

    if she does.. then it's going to bee quite an abusive relationship..

    but go for it and see how it goes!!

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    how old r u

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    well if she likes it would probably b ok. but if she doesnt she might get annoyed, or be supportive of wat u like to do.

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