where can i buy alaskan huskey puppies in london?

Hi all i was wondering where i can purchase alaskan husky puppies in london, to replace my brothers dog stephy who was an siberian. Many thanks

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    The Alaskan Husky is NOT a breed.

    Alaskan Huskies are dogs that have been specifically bred to be sled dogs, and are trained to be sled dogs.

    Unfortunately there have been many BYBs that have capitalized on this Alaskan Husky "breed", and have been selling Husky mixes and just labeling them as "Alaskan Husky pups" so they can sell them for more money than they should get.

    I have heard of ones that have been mixes of Greyhound, Border Collie, and all kinds of non-Arctic type breeds.

    The Inuit native people are the ones that raise REAL Alaskan Huskies, for their dog teams. They intentionally mix breeds like Greyhounds hoping to have faster Husky mixes.

    The puppies are raised to WORK, and not raised to be a "breed" or be sold for profit like BYBs do.

    What I'm trying to get across here is, the name Alaskan Husky is not a breed, its a type of mix that is raised to be a sled dog, a work dog, and not bred to be a family pet. If an "Alaskan Husky" becomes a happy family dog, than that dog is just back to being called a Husky or Malamute mix, or just mutt. :0)

    Here are some example of Alaskan Huskies, as you can see, they are not all alike. The first one looks like he or she might be a mix of Rough Collie. The dogs in the second picture look like Greyhound mixes, and the third looks like a Lab mix.







    To see the forth picture, you have to click the "go" button on the top of your screen beside the URL to see it.

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    I don't know what kind of "work" Alaskan huskies do. Everyone who needs one has a snowmobile. It's my impression that Alaskan huskies are bred for racing and other forms of recreation.

    There are still working huskies in some parts of Siberia where people are not affluent enough to own and maintain snow machines. I've read that are still some working huskies in Greenland for some reason.

  • There is no Alaskan Huskey. They are Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Huskey. Both are beautiful dogs, I think Mals are more stubborn.

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    Isn't there a yahoo! answers uk?

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