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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

which college should i choose?

i KNOW this is a personal choice but i need outside opinions about where to go. at first i was going to go FAR to socal (i'm in nj) but i didn't get in the two better schools out there. i have a safety out there (pitzer) which i really like and i could more easily transfer to the others eventually. but it doesn't have a good name like...

Lafayette, the first college i visited/fell in love with. (i was already an easy in but also have legacy.)(used to be interested in their unique internat'l engineering major, but now, i think i want to do something in internat'l fashion, which would be better at...

NYU, where i applied to Gallatin, but will only get in there after 2 years in their General Studies Program. but it's nyu and it's the best out of the others. lafayette's definetley good and better than pitzer but... nyu is even better& everyone says 'how can you NOT go..?' i always go to the city but never to their (lack of) "campus." maybe ill visit and unless i HATE it just go..

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    You should be proud that you have some great options!

    I agree with the above poster, Pitzer would be an awesome opportunity. Not only do you have the benefit of a small, close-knit liberal arts college, you also have the 5-college consortium (7 colleges if you count the grad schools) so you have a student population equal to a small/midsize university. And you can cross register for classes at any of the colleges, so you could also study at Pomona, Harvey Mudd, Claremont McKenna, or Scripps. It's the best of both worlds.

    Not to mention the quality of life factors at Pitzer, the weather is amazing, you'll never have to trudge through snow to get to'll be studying poolside when it's 77 degrees in February! They just built beautiful new dorms that received the gold standard for environmental sustainability. You can eat at any of the dining halls on all 5 campuses (never underestimate having plenty of good food choices while in college!). Lots of parties at the various colleges, lots of speakers, movies, and entertainment on campus.

    If you get tired of campus, you're an hour away from the beach, the ski slopes, downtown LA, Hollywood, Palm Springs, lots of options.

    Academically, it's a great place full of opportunities. You will never be a face in the crowd there, you'll know your professors and classmates. Pitzer really is a hidden gem but it's up and coming and it's getting harder to get accepted (22% of students admitted this year).

    Not to say that you wouldn't have a great time at Lafayette. It's just a whole different vibe there. I also wouldn't choose NYU general studies over either of the others, only because of the lack of a cohesive campus experience. You can always go to NYU for grad school. Plus you already know the city, and this is a chance for you to live in another part of the country for a few years and have new experiences.

    Either way, you have good options and can't really make a bad decision here. The best thing would be to visit all of them again if you can. Then go where it feels right.

    Good luck!

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  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    What makes you think Pitzer is that bad? Its ranked 43 as far as liberal arts colleges go. NYU has a university ranking of 35. Not much difference really (as far as you can compare liberal arts colleges to universities in terms of rankings). Forget about good names - look at the quality of education it gives:

    “My view is that there is a very modest to zero correlation between general academic prestige and the quality of undergraduate experience available to students,” says Lee S. Shulman, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. “Those seeking hidden gems are very wise, especially if they are committed to coming to a campus and becoming very active students, taking advantage of faculty office hours, undergrad research experiences and the like.”

    Pitzer is unique in that it is a small school, but being part of a consortium with others schools virtually on the same campus you have the advantages of a larger school as well. By becoming active at Pitser IMHO you have a good chance of getting a better education than NYU. If you really want to go to Gallatin do it for post grad. Pitzer will provide an excellent preparation for that.



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  • 1 decade ago

    i know this is a hard decision. i suggest making a pro/con list. it may seem lame, but it will help to organize thoughts. you have a good start. think about the place that you want---right now, that is, to be in your life after college and what school is going to take you there. but most of all which one do you see yourself being happiest at. that is what really matters. and the best part can always change your mind. like you said, nothing is written in stone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you are a religious person, pray about it. if not, go with your first impression. check out some more colleges. go to utah!

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