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1920's Charleston / Foxtrot?

Anyone familiar with the steps to the Charleston and / or the 1920 Foxtrot?

And if you have any ideas for music on either, that would be fantastic.

Thanks ever so much!


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    There are TWO types of 20's Chaleston, Solo and Partnered. This video features both:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Additionally, you don't want to limit yourself to just learning just Basic Charleston, as may other dances of the 20's were danced as solo jazz steps that were alway danced with the Charleston (i.e. Shorty George, Jump Charleston, Squat Charleston, Suzy Q's, Tacky Annie's, Boogie Forward, Boogie Back, Rusty Dusty, Apple Jacks, Fall Off the Log, Spank the Baby, etc.)

    Anyways, the Solo Charleston Basic consists of 8-counts. Left leg goes back and "touches back" first (counts 1, 2), then Left leg goes forward and "steps down" (counts 3, 4), then Right leg goes forward and "touches forward" (counts 5, 6), then Right leg goes back and "steps down" (counts 7, 8), repeat.

    An alternative to 20's style of charleston is 30's style charleston which involves a "kick" with the appropriate leg on the odd counts (i.e. 3, 5, 7), and a "rock step" on 1, 2 instead of a touch back.

    Here's a video of 30's solo charleston:

    For more detailed lessons through online video check out:

    They have a lot of videos for only $1 to watch, and if you look under "iDance Main", "Moves to Download", and "Vernacular Jazz" they have a lot of videos on the various 20's dances I mentioned above.

    For Example:

    Bottom line, I recommend you learn how to dance the Charleston in person with a real dance instructor. Basically you just need to find the closest Lindy Hop teacher to you. Try searching your city/state on this website:

    Interms of Music, anything by the "Fire House Five Plus Two" would be good, or the Album "Mad Twenties by Bobby Short".

    Individual Songs to Download:

    Sweet Georgia Brown

    Yes, Sir, That's My Baby!

    The Charleston


    Dippermouth Blues (aka Sugar Foot Stomp)

    That's a Plenty

    I Found A New Baby

    Search for these on Amazon MP3, and you can download them right away!

    For a little inspiration . . .

    . . . check out this video of a Charleston Competition from 2005:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I hope that helps!

    Happy Dancing!

    Source(s): I'm a swing dancer.
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    1920 Charleston

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    I really don't know, but I've read that foxtrot was oftened danced at quicker tempos, and that it included lock steps in its earliest form, so it must have been somewhat like school figures in quickstep or Peabody, though a bit slower and with less in outside position than Peabody. After all, there was a point when quickstep was officially "quick time foxtrot and Charleston."

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    Here is a link that explains the steps of the Charleston:

    And here are videos of both the 1920's Charleston and Fox Trot:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Hopefully this helps!

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