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Rate the Mets rotation?

Pedro went down. But we still have Santana, Maine, and Perez. Rate the 3 of them along with Pelfry, El duqe and Pedro for when he gets back. Do you think the Mets will need help?

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    Here's their rotation:

    1. Santana

    2. Maine

    3. Perez

    4. El Duque

    5. Pelfrey

    The first two pitchers are good, the rest is trash. I've been voicing the weaknesses in the Met's rotation and bullpen ever since they picked up Santana. El Duque wasn't good enough to make the rotation, now they're forced to use him along with Pelfrey. This is what the Met's rotation will look like because you can't count on Pedro to stay healthy.

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    there is not any doubt that the Mets trading Scott Kazmir to Tampa Bay became the more severe of both. Victor Zambrano did truly no longer something as a Met. He went 7-12 in 2005, and had an effortless record of 10-15 with the crew between 2004 and 2006. He became injured for many of the 2006 season. Kazmir is now a real pitcher contained in the league, and that i guess Minaya is regretting the commerce - a minimum of, he could be.

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    1. Santana 10

    2. Maine 8

    3. Perez 8

    4. El Duque 6 when healthy could be a 8

    5. Pelfrey 6

    a good enough rotaion to make it into the playoffs...they just need some run support, theyll be fine with out martinez...

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    I don't think the Mets need much help, but the Pedro injury will definitely be a big blow to their rotation. I'd pay attention to the rotation after they all pitch one game to get a good feel.

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    Johan : 9.5 , Almost Perfect

    Perez: 8.5, he has to learn to control his bad games, if he had a good day nobody will stop him.

    Maine: 8.8

    He is young, and h has more potential that anybody put too much atention on him, but he will be very important this season for the mets.

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    they rank somewhere in the middle, not terrible, but not good

    if they really think they can compete for the division or they think they can make the playoffs, they better find a way to bring in more pitching, especially the bullpen

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    Anyone can be a great pitcher in the nl You only have to face eight hitters.

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    If everybody is healthy this is one hell of a rotation.

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