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Best web hosting?

There are a lot of web hosting, and which one have best speed, best price, best service?

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    Here is a review of top 10 web hosting in 2008, some of them are really cheap, and others have good service.

    Most of them only about $5.00 a month, really cheap!

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    We use Largest Web Hosting. Its good to use for long term.

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    For Small business hosting it comes down to Hostgator vs Bluehost. And in the end, you'll save a little money with Bluehost as this review points out:



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    They only charge $4.95 per month and you register your first domain name for free. I've been using them for years and I've never had any complications whatsoever, and they offer everything I need, just t hought I'd let you know. Here just a little bit of all that is offered through them:

    - Host Unlimited Domain Names

    - Unlimited GB of Space

    - Unlimited Bandwidth

    - 1 Free Domain Name Registration

    - 1 Free Dedication IP Address

    - Unlimited Subdomains

    - Free Site Builder

    - Free 24/7 Support via Phone/Chat/Email

    - 2500 Email Accounts

    - Catch-All Email Addresses

    - POP3

    - IMAP

    - Webmail

    - Email Forwards

    - Mailbox Aliases

    - Email Auto-Responders

    - Mailing Lists

    - Total Mailbox Quota: 1GB

    - Eccommerce Ready

    - PHP v5

    - Perl

    - CGI

    - CGI-BIN

    - Javascript/DHTML

    - Server Side Includes (SSI)

    - Override .htaccess Support

    - 50 MySQL Databases

    - 50 PostgreSQL Databases

    - phpMyAdmin

    - phpPgAdmin

    - 1Gb SQL Database Quota

    there is alot more but i dont want to type it all lol

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    Largest Web Hosting - ensure best quality at all times. Use longest established ones that have good infrastructure that comes with great up-time, add-on domain, database, unlimited bandwidth, space, ftp, user friendly control panel, editor, etc

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    I host my websites at you can also give them a try. First month free.

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    I host my websites at you can also give them a try it. First month free.

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    1 decade ago's hosting is fine for most people, and by far is the most affordable given the features you get.

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    I have two websites and one of them is hosted at ""

    The other at "

    Both are good "canaca is a little more expensive , but the quality is good. Godaddy is really good too. Take your pick....

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