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is argyle too preppy, cuz i dont want to look preppy>?

i want to wearr an argyle shirt with jeans and vans? is that too preppy, cuz i like that pattern but its always associated with preps?

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    its kinda preppy but i have the same problem as u its how u wear it. get really funky argyle in eoic colors and wear skinny jeans with a pair of chucks or vans. i just bought a lime neon green with neon yellow and black argyle shirt!!!! but the main thing is ... do not care what others think ...hahaha


  • Lainey
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    Argyle is about as preppy as you can get, unless it happens to be some weird wild colors or something. Even if it is like blue and yellow and white ( some normal argyle colors) the vans will help.

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    positioned on a pink polo shirt. Take a sweater and wrap the sleeves around your shoulders. the two positioned on widely used denims or a jean skirt with leggings. positioned on canvas footwear. positioned on diamond studd rings. Iron your hair so that's going to look very rapidly. in case you have worry purely think of of Carlton from The clean Prince of Bel-air and you have preppy.

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    i hate that cuz i rele like argyle but im not preppy in any sense so same problem here

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    1 decade ago

    If the rest of you doesn't like your jeans aren't like perfect [maybe real rips/stains] and your shoes aren't really clean and your hair is messy/not preppy and if the colors aren't bright then it isn't really preppy

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    1 decade ago

    i associate argyle with old ladies adn teachers

    i wouldn't recomend wearing it unless you're like 40 years old


  • No. Patterns do not patters do not make you preppy, it's the colour scheme that aks you preppy. And, dont worry about it, your are who you think you are and that's what matters. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    It's definitely preppy, but that's okay.

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