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may sound stupid but....?


just need some opinions on my situation...

but no sarcasm or anything please, im just a normal person who needs abit of advice...

between november and december i really thought i was pregnant, i did only two tests a month between eacth other and both were negative, the symptoms i seemed to be suffereing from back then were...

blue vains everywhere on my chest..


faint headaches

& went off certain foods.. but no sickness or anything..

but anyway after this i got my period so presumed with the negative tests and all that i wasnt.. and a few months later all those symptoms kinda went..

but this past month or so i have been experiencing these weird bubble like poppings in my lower abdomen, and this feel different from gas and plus i dont pass any wind after at all! and im a big lady so cant really tell if i can feel anything?!

but IF i was pregnant i would be 5 months!


I would go to the doctor or something but feel stupid really?!

Thanks x

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    This is not a stupid question. Many women take the home pregnancy test and it comes out negative. The best thing for you to do is go to the doctor and let them take blood to check for pregnancy. An ultrasound can also be done to determine if there is a baby there and how far along you may be.

    Good luck!

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    First of all dont ever feel stupid about asking any questions. I am sort of a bigger lady too, and I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant. I had the same symptoms you seemed to be having. I miscarried in late july, had a d&c and found out i was pregnant again in september. I will tell you that headaches and frequent urination are very common and usually signs of pregnancy, but every woman goes through different changes. My breasts were extremely sore to the touch and I noticed several small bumps around them. I forget what they are called but you can look it up. The first time I felt this baby move, I shrugged it off as gas, but after a few weeks I could tell a major difference. I would go see a doc if I were you, just to ease your mind if nothing else. And dont let anyones negative comments bring you down. I get them all the time. Good luck with whatever happens.

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    If I were you I would go to the Doctor for "not feeling good", if he asks you if you are pregnant be honest and tell him that you thought there was a possibility but the home test came back negative but you're still not feeling good. He'll be able to tell you better than a home test and if it turns out that your not pregnant then he should be able to find out what it is you are feeling and what's going on with you!

    Don't feel embarrassed or foolish, just get the help you need and I hope things turn out well for you. Good luck! =)

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    if your pregnant you'd have symptoms such as;

    weight gain

    tender breasts


    food craving



    not everyone gets the same symptoms but the ones you describe dont sound like pregnany. not alot of people would really know certain symptoms unless they were a doctor, search it on google if nothing comes up or you've tried it your last resort is the doctor cause at the end of the day even if someone on here told you what was wrong, it could be serious so you'd still hav eto go to the doctor wouldnt you. leaving it could end up being fatal you never know! x

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    I just wanted to say, when I first started feeling my daughter move I described it as a popping sensation (more like popcorn popping, then bubble popping though). My chest also went very veiny, my fiancee was quite disgusted by how veiny it got. I also got headaches.

    So my suggestion would be, buy another test take it. If its negative go to the doctors because somethings not right. If its positive go to the doctors to have it confirmed.

    I hope you get the result you want.

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    It doesn't sound stupid actually. You should still see a doctor. If you are not pregnant, something else might be going on. You need to know, and you will free up your mind. The doctor have heard it all, don't worry. Tell him that you are having concerns. Tell him what you described on here, and ask him, if it's possible to get a blood test done. Nothing to lose, all to win. Good luck!

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    Don't worry.

    Just buy another test, if you are pregnant and 5 months gone - it should come up positive because you would be able to sense it now because its further along.

    My advice would to be take a test and if your still in doubt, go to the doctors and just tell him you took a test but are still in a bit of doubt.

    Good luck on this, hope it helps. Thank you x

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    First of all - don't feel stupid going to the doctor!!!!!!!!

    There is a good chance that you are pregnant. I know quite a few women who had their cycle throughout their pregnancy, it's not that uncommon. Some pregnancies can't even be detected through a urine test, thus making a blood test necessary.

    I highly suggest you try another test, and if it still says negative and these symptoms persist, see a doctor - please!

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    Just go and explain your symptoms. Dont say that you think you are prego but that this is what is going on and you want some answers. It may be IBS or a number of other stomach conditions. Dr. s are there for your help. And just remember what ever you went it for there is always someone with a story/situation 10 times worse than yours.

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    Go and see your doctor, he won't think you're stupid. I personally think that a visit will set your mind at ease and it gives your doc a chance to check the baby to make sure he/she is okay too. To me that would be the important thing, knowing if I am and if my baby was healthy. All the best and don't waste anymore time, yours and the babys health may depend on it.. Good Luck and if you are, I hope you and your baby are both healthy.

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