Is there a table to figure out payroll tax withholding percentages?

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I am only looking for federal tax witholding information. Is there a tax table that shows the percentage witheld for biweekly income? I'm married, and I only claim 2... but I more
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For federal tax withholding, use Publication 15:

If you read pages 36 - 39, you'll be able to calculate your federal tax withholding exactly.

Social security tax is 6.2% of gross compensation up to a limit of $102,000 of compensation

Medicare tax is is 1.45% of wages with no limit.

I've got an Excel spreadsheet set up to do the same thing. I can enter each gross paycheck amount, the spreadsheet does the calculation, and I can forcast what my various withholdings are. That way, I can be sure whether my taxes paid for the year will cover my taxes due when I file.
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  • Judy answered 6 years ago
    Publication 15, circular E - download at

    It might be easier to just enter the info at for your various options
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