Financial Aid at UNC Chapel Hill?

I was recently accepted to Chapel Hill, and have submitted my financial aid materials, however I have not heard anything back from the financial aid department. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for the office to even confirm that they recieved your information etc. It has been about two months since i submitted it, and i have been getting worried that they never even recieved my stuff. I have tried calling the office, and leaving messages, however, no one ever gets back to me and it is starting to unnerve me. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.


I really want to work for the CDC and they pull most of their jobs from the research triangle. This is the only school i applied to in the triangle, and miraculously i got in. The tution may sound outrageous, but it is something that I believe in the long run will pay off. The only other options i have are the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech (both of which i can go to basically for free because of low in-state tuition costs, and scholarships i have already been awarded) I wil only abandon UNC if i have to resort to federal loans to pay for the entire out of state costs for the school (which stand at more than 35k per year)

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    UNC chapel hill is a really GOOD school to get into- i mean really good. i live not far from it and when people graduate from my surrounding high schools, that's where they migrate to is that school so i would just say do the best u can and try hard to get back up with them but like i said chapel hill is a good school and i would hate for u to have to give that opportunity up because of money

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    Keep calling the University, you'll eventually get a hold of someone. In the meantime, I would suggest that you really do your research regarding schools and their tuition costs. Make sure to look at the whole picture. What type of money will you be making when you finish and how much debt will you have? Will uou be paying out-of-state fees? Check out this site for more information and guidance:

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    You can go to


    it's about unique student loans information.

    Good luck

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    dude u dont wanna go into debt...not worth it

    go to a cheaper school if you have to.

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