What is a Serial Dater?

I have heard the term "Serial Dater" to describe a type of romantic relationship that involves seeing (sexually) and/or dating many people at once, but I don't quite understand how that is different from what we generally term a "man/woman-slut." I think it relates to polygamy.

My understanding of a Serial Dater is someone who has a sort of harem or group of "favorites" who he tends to cycle through routinely and all of whom he genuinely cares about, but none of which he has an actual relationship with (so he's not cheating on anyone... and they all know she/he is not dating them and is seeing other people at the same time). However, I'm not sure and wanted other peoples' feedback on my opinion of the term's definition. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    I would assume that a "serial dater" is someone who jumps from relationship to relationship, someone who has a serious problem with being independent and single.

    A serial dater might be slutty, and they might not be. It depends on the type of person, and how long they generally wait to have sex with someone.

    A serial dater might have a group of favorites that they cycle through, or they might choose new people each time. Again, it depends on the person.

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    I've not heard that term before, but the way you describe it, it sounds applicable.

    If that's what someone wants to do then it's fine...as long as they are honest with everyone involved no problem. I wish more people who wanted variety were that straight-up about it.

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