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Help make the final decision... Colorado or North Carolina.?

Ok, we are putting our house on the market and moving to Colorado or North Carolina in the next month.... help us make the final decision. Both states are beautiful both have mild temps and four seasons... we work from home for ourselves so that doesn't matter.

Please help us pick. Which would you choose?


some parts of colorado are rural too that is one of the things that scares me about making that choice... and North Carolina has more trees... BUT Colorado does have a large city and lots of sunshine.

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    North Carolina. It has a lot the same qualities as Colorado, like you say, but it has a few things Colorado doesn't:

    Three enormous metroplex areas:

    Raleigh/Durham (includes UNC, NC State, Duke, and the Research Triangle, Carolina Hurricanes Pro Hockey)

    The Triad area: Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point (Wake Forest University, PGA national tournaments, furniture capital of the world, home of the GGO golf tournament)

    Charlotte Metro Area (UNCC, Davidson* College,

    Heart of NASCAR racing, 3 major NASCAR tracks,) Pinehurst has one of the largest PGA sanctioned Golf complexes in the world. Also, Professional NFL Football and NBA Basketball. Charlotte is now considered the Banking capitol of the US

    Last, but not least, NC has the ocean, beach vacations, and resorts, Cape Hatteras, The Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk; Colorado has NO beach or ocean. The NC seacoast is a national historic site because of the hundreds of shipwrecks over a span of 400 + years off its coast.

    NC also has Mountain resorts, summer & winter, several ski resorts, Senic Blue Ridge Parkway, and a new "Tiger Woods" golf course in the making

    Eastern North Carolina is also known worldwide for it's "Carolina-style" BBQ pork. It has the Battleship USS North Carolina, Fort Macon, and Cliffs of Neuse. It has the outdoor drama, "The Lost Colony."

    Western NC has the Cherokee Indian reservation, Harrah's Casino, two outdoor dramas: "Horn in the West," and "Unto these Hills," countless waterfalls, Biltmore House, Carrowinds, Grandfather Mountain, Mount Mitchell.

    I guess you detect I am from North Carolina. I've lived in Texas and California, been to Colorado a couple of times, I like it there, too, but I know more about NC.

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    North Carolina

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    Colorado, North Carolina is too rural.

  • Anonymous
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    There is nothing mild about Colorado in the winter - better stay in Hurricane Country, or move to Las Vegas where the sights are HOT

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    North can get to the beach in four hours...the mountains in two from the city...Charlotte. But I would suggest living in the Lake Norman area....Davidson to be exact.

  • 1 decade ago

    North carolina, its beautiful there and good weather not to harsh in the winter and not to warm in the summer,

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    North Carolina coast, or Asheville or Fontana Lake.

    Unless you two are really weird, in which case, Boulder, CO.

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    well you take two bowls and some marbles. and have one bowl label n.c and Colorado. and for each reason that you want to go to n.c. you put a marble in that bowl same for Colorado and for each bad thing you take one out. and which everyone has more marbles you go to that place catch my drift.

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