What is the best online site or store that sells cheap clothes, especially baby clothes?

I have seen the eBay answers, old navy and target. I would like something else besides thoses. Whoever can get me something besides those will get their deserved points.

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    Honestly, I'd say Ebay, or youre local craigslist.org if you're really looking for a discount.

    You can get brand new clothing from various clothing lines, new with out tags, or new with tags from ebay and because children grow out of them so fast, there are a lot of gently used ones on there too for muc much less that you'd get them at a store for.

    If you go for clothing lots (more than 3 items in auction), you'll save even more - the only negative is that you have to pay for shipping, uness they are located close enough to pick it up and give you that option. You can always ask fro combined shipping if you win auction from the same seller. Be sure to ask, not assume.

    Ebay sellers usually consist of private sellers looking to get rid of stuff they no longer need, but still has value, or something they never used, and warehouses. All of last years collection for baby Gap, Osh-kosh, etc. could wind up on Ebay

    make sure to use key terms when doing your search narrowing by size, color, (lot, more than 3 items), price range could help you find what you're looking for faster.

    This service requires an account and usually an online payment account (money order mailings can go wrong), so you're covered. You place a bid on an item and keep track of in the event you get outbid. "Buy it now products' are good to. You can purchase them right away for the price mentioned, but isn't half the fun of shopping getting it for as cheap as possible and that's auction style usually.

    To make sure you're getting a good deal, you can look up the item in a search engine like yahoo or on Amazon.com and see what they are offering it for.

    Craig's List works much the same way, but it's not auctioning. it's just locals looing to get rid of things and it's usually first come, first served. Whomever meets the asking price gets it. don't be afraid to negotiate though. most items on craig's list can be negotiated for, espacially if purchasing a lot of items.

    This service just requires and email address.

    P.S. make sure to wash everything (no matter where it comes from) before putting it on your child. This goes for all clothing items for anyone.

    P.P.S. I sell brand new stuff dirt cheap on Ebay and CL all of the time. I also purchased more than my fare share. I change my entire wardrobe with little or no cost to me this way. I've bought designer for less than $10. The great thing about CL, is there is also a barter section. So, even if you're flat broke and need something, there is a place where you can see if you have something anyone else needs at the time and you can trade. GREAT!

    Source(s): 12 years of ebay and 10 of CL for every single item I purchase for me and the family.
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    1 decade ago

    If Your From England

    Britosh Home Stores (Known As Bhs )

    They do Great Baby Clothes Nd Adults At Cheap Prices.

    I Think You Can Order Online . .http://www.bhs.co.uk/

    And George Are Good Too For Baby Clothes!www.george.com

    You Can Order Online Here 2!!

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    I usually do most of my shopping online, believe it or not, Old Navy has a lot cheap clothes on their online site, better price than their store. Just go to their website, and go to the sale section, you can find a lot cheap stuffs there, and their quality is not bad at all....

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