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HELP! I changed my mind and want my STD cards to be a bit more unique. I've googled, yahooed, dog piled different companies that offer STD magnets, and found nothing.

My previous card was going to be on red heavy stock card sheet under a shimmery white with a RED GERBER/A DAISY STAMP and the wording would all be in BLACK.

FYI - -

This is the wording on my STD card:

As the flower blooms and petals unfold,

we're soon to say "to have and to hold."

We're making plans and can hardly wait.

Our wedding is near and here is the date!

August 3, 2008

Mark your calendar and join

Jane & John

on their special day!

Invitation to Follow



The petals of a daisy

are symbolic of the way

that our love grows more and more

with each and every day

Jane & John are getting married

August 3, 2008

Please Save the Date

Update 2:

I found this! Except it is a heart shape...womp womp :-(

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    This is tough... I checked over 50 websites. The only thing to do would be to get custom shaped magnets through a vendor that focuses on marketing and advertising for businesses...that is IF you really want to go through the trouble. The downside to this is that they have a 250 or 500 minimum order. If you are having a small wedding it is not worth it.

    You are better off doing them yourself. Buy magnet sheets at Staples, Office Max, Office Depo, Michaels Craft Store, Hobby Lobby, or even Walmart.

    Look for a picture of a daisy online...such as this one

    Copy and paste it to a word document and place a text box with all you save the date information on it.

    You can then either run the magnet sheet through your printer or take them to a local printer (including kinkos) to get them printed. This would be your most cost effective.

    The other way is just too pricey.

    Good Luck!

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    A card is more elegant but most of the time people throw them away or they get lost. A magnet is more fun and will be put on the fridge so they will see it all the time. I would go with the magnets. Best of Luck!

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    I liked your original wording.

    I was ordering STD cards back in January and I looked at TONS of sites. I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't see anything like that. Most of them are rectangular. You could contact a company that does custom magnets and see if they can cut them in that shape for you, it might be pricey, but that's all I can think of.

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  • 1st one!

    I can make these for you. I don't think you'll find them on a magnet anywhere online or in stores without paying out alot, but I can make them... I run a small Stationary business. Let me know.

    You can easily do these your self too. You can purchase magnets at your local craft store and just print them out from your home printer with adhesive paper or glue stick.. Good luck!

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    Simple and easy to make you self.

    I don't run a stationary store, I do balloons, but this is an easy one.

    Make them yourself get your man or your girls to help.....

    Or email me and we can work something out, for a CHEAP price.

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