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Cathy asked in TravelMexicoPuerto Vallarta · 1 decade ago

Finding a job in Puerto Vallarta...?

My husband and I are considering moving to Puerto Vallarta. Is it easy to find a good paying job so that we may live comfortable?? Were both fluent in english and spanish. Maybe for a hotel?? We have two kids also...are schools good??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I work as a Chef in san Jose del Cabo, but I've spent a good deal of time in PV, as well. I just "picked up and moved here". I was on a 6 month tourist card and spent that time sort of scoping things out, finding a place to live, etc. Ultimately, I found someone to sponsor me. The only job I looked for was a Chef job. I also only pursued 2 jobs, got one and stopped pursuing the other. The government DID require me to provide my college degree (from a cooking school), and then it was all good.

    I think I am a little on the rare end of things, being a cook. It DOES seem like almost all of the working Americans/Canadians down here either own their own business (yoga, catering, gym, furniture, car parts, etc.) OR they work in the real estate/time share business. My neighbor is a timeshare salesman and he and his girlfriend essentially did what I did. Moved here, looked for work and found it. Their story sounded a little easier than mine. I've heard worse than mine, as well..

    Like any job, it depends on what you do. You can make a lot of money, or you can make no money. You can work really hard in the sun, or you can find a cushy office job with A/C. You will need enough money to last for a good while, and will need a backup plan, but it has been my experience that it's not hard for Americans/Canadians to find work, if they're not picky. Chances are, you'll find something that relates to tourism, in one way or another...

    Lastly, be warned. This IS another country. It is a world of difference between visiting and living. Having lived in Mexico for over 2 years, I can honestly say that there is no quick and easy way to describe it. Day to day life-maintenence takes a lot more work, time moves differently, etc. There are benefits, too! Lower costs of living, more relaxed lifestyle, and so on...

    Most tend to love it at first and then get depressed and then absolutely hate it, and then they leave. Those with the strength to endure that time period (roughly month 6 to month 9), will be rewarded with a slot in a new, slower, kind of culturally rewarding way of life. It's great, but be warned!

    Ah, and schools range from crap to fantastic, depending on what you can afford (Ranging from "kinda" expensive to outragreously expensive).

    Your Spanish will help A LOT. I spoke like a 2 year old when I came down. I've learned and now speak like a 5 year old. In 2 years, I've aged 3 linguistically!

    I hope this helps and all the luck in the world to you!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You cannot work in Mexico without a work permit and you must have an employer first to sponsor your work visa. Wages are low. You should check all this out very caefuoloy before deciding. Check with the nearest Mexican consulate to get details on work and residence visas...cannot just go on a tourist visa and work and reside in Mexico. There are plenty of Mexicans who speak English who would love a cushy job at a you may find it hard to find an employer to write the required letter to immigration saying he is hiring you for a job he cannot find a Mexican for.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are schools with english teachers and the schools are pretty good.

    and there is alots of jops everywhere and more if you speak english and spanglish.

    check this websites:

    good luck

    this is a friends web in pv.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The guy Red hit it on the nose,teach Engles,I did that too,it works.

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