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family portrait?

I'm going to get a family portrait dome for my mom for mothers day and I have no idea what we should wear. It will be me, my sister, my brother, his wife, their two twin boys, and their daughter. any cute ideas for clothing?

P.S. My mom's not like most moms she doesn't like the flowery cutsie stuff. She's very kicked back and just cool.

Please help. And thanks

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    Just have everyone you can get in the picture. That will be enough and your Mom will love it.

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    Try to wear solid colors, except maybe the little boys. Coordinate your colors so they blend together and a nice background can be used for the picture.

    Some photographers will take your family photo outside and you all could dress in jeans and shirts.

    Look at some photo studio pictures on the Internet or photo shops and see what people are wearing to get some ideas.

    That sounds like a wonderful present for your Mom.

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    well since you described her as being laid back i think you should incorporate some theme but have everyone still include their own personal taste. MAybe you can go with certain colors, but if lets say u're sister wants to wear a dress, but you want to wear pants then that can be done. the colors will mesh well and it will look organized but still unique. White and black usually looks professional. Or everyone can wear some jeans and a classy yet simple shirt. There are many different combinations you can go with this.

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    I would have everyone dress the same. I would also not have shoes on, shoes are so ugly in pictures, they are big and black.

    I think your Mom will notice every ones faces more if the picture is not too flowery and busy. So, I would make sure, everyone wears white or black with not print.and jeans. It sounds like she likes casual everyday look?

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    All white shirts and jeans, or have everyone wear a different color polo shirt and khakis. We did our family photo with white t-shirts and jeans and the kids were barefooted. I thought they were really cute and very casual.

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    Every body should be dressed nice like for church. It makes for a better picture, especially years from now when you look back on it.

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    Do you want to match? What about jeans and a black shirt. My friend did that for her family pictures and they looked great.

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