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Ken Livingston had the BNP opposition Candidate Richard Barnbrook removed from a debate: is that democracy?

The BNP have a tough time getting their policies through to the public due to a media black out but when a rouge such as Ken livingstone (up to his neck in giving money to causes that he has no idea who the money is going to; where it is going or even what the cause is) decides that he will not debate the issues of London with those he disagrees with (only BNP)and then arranges for the BNP candidate Richard Barnbrook to be humiliated and thrown out of the central London Venue because his name has been spelt wrong.

Do you not think that Ken would have been much better confronting the the BNP and debating the issues with them. Surley if the BNP has no policies what has Ken to be afraid of?



I don't suppose you have heard of it, the media do not want you to hear anything about the BNP unless it has a demeaning side to it. But nonetheless that is what happened.

Update 2:


I don't always agree with you but you are right on this occasion although I personaly think Ken would get more than he bargained for if he had the guts to face up the reality of the BNP.

Update 3:

Helen, One of the BNP's policies is more say for the people, most of the BNP's policies are being taken up by Labour and conservatives. Surely you are not that brain washed by left wing fashism to deny any of the opposing parties their right to free speach. I don't agree with your view's but Like Spawnee I do agree to your right to express your view openly and honestly. That is what democracy is about.

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    If what you say is true, then it is a sad day for democracy. The BNP should be given a public platform to speak at, so that the educated amongst us, can have a good laugh at their expense!!!!

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    media and politicians collaborate to make the bnp look bad, it doesn't mean that the bnp actually are bad.

    They do not want to give a public platform to the bnp or debate with them because they know full well that all those people who think the bnp are nazis and have no policies would be very suprised and see that the bnp are in fact respectable and moving in the right direction, fighting for the right causes.

    Basically the people denying the bnp their rights and their voices are terrified of losing the argument and they're terrified that people will listen to the bnp , and hear the truth.

    I vote bnp.

    sure, there are things that i may not necessarily agree with, but on the whole - their policies reflect my views and concerns and i believe the changes they will make are right for the country.

    the party as a whole is unbelievably well organised (even though it recieves no public funding- unlike other parties), they have very solid policies which are in no way just simple fixes to big problems and if everyone just found out a bit more about the bnp instead of just accepting what they read in the papers or believing rumours they may hear - then maybe people would realise that: although the bnp isn't perfect , they are by far the best bet to save this country and eventually restore it to what it once was..VOTE BNP

    Source(s): Did anyone see the live debate on a newsnight episode last month where they gave rare air time to nick griffin? ...well i say 'airtime' and 'live debate', but what they actually did was prerecord nick griffin answering questions put to him and then edit the clip down to about 90 seconds, then play it during the actual live debate (so that he didn't get a chance to carry on and answer anything any of the others on the panel threw at him)?? Luckily though, the live panel had no real answers or alternatives to the problems that nick griffin highlighted and instead preferred to call him names like ''swivel eyed knuckle dragger'' whose the real stupid ones here???
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    Helen S - Regardless of what we think of the BNP, this is meant to be a democratic country, and they are a recognised elected party, holding small amounts of seat up and down the country.

    If Richard Barnbrook had a right to be in that debate, then Red Ken should have the wit and intellect, as well as hard policies he can use to argue Mr Barnbrook down with........

    Instead Livingstone hides behind his body guards.......... and fails to use the situation to tear their policies to shreds and show some people what they really stand for

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    It is impossible for the BNP to be any more odious than the 'left', including Livingstone. It's ironic, isn't it, that Livingstone assumes that his lefty friends are acceptable to British people, and takes it upon himself to decide who we shall not be allowed to listen to, as though we have to be protected and can't be trusted to make our own minds up.

    The 'left' actually fear the BNP, afraid that they may strike a chord with the British people.

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    Livingstone is a complete and utter wa nker..........I for one am amazed the way a democratically elected party are given no public platform to speak from.

    Amazing how we can have terrorism supporters marching through the streets of London proposing and supporting death and destruction to the people of this country yet the BNP are not allowed to be heard.


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    The poor BNP, the poor little dears are not liked by the great majority of people in fact 99.5% of the British people cannot be wrong can they. that is how many voted in fact for other parties in Britain than for them.

    Besides as you say his name was not on the list, and with the increased security of the last few years such things as making sure the name is done right would sound like a very good notion. Just a thought but maybe he was not thrown out but was not allowed in as his name was not on the list.

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    HAHAHAH that dancing.... Following Bob Fossils moves I see. Loving the Chicken Wing dance.

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    Its not democratic. He is not unbiased either but maybe he just didnt feel up to a debate with someone that could have proved awkward to him! A lot of everyday people are turning to the BNP because they are so disillusioned by the corrupt politics of Britain today.It is not as they would have you believe, full of Nazi thugs.

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    Good, this is about the only thing i would publicly applaud Livingstone for! The BNP are revolting and stand for nothing other than anti-immigration. Their policies are nonexistent and their people - well if you were a blind man you might vote for them but anyone with eyesight and a few years on their backs would know them for what they are. Thugs and non intelligentsia.

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    I think BNP are a legal political party and so should be able to debate their ideas with other politicians.

    Ken would happily debate with left wing dictators so why not right wing ones too?

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