I need help to find good breathing exercises for singing....?!?!?

I think I have a problem with my breathing because the tone is quite breathy, I don't know if I don't close the vocal chords properly? But I rather think I'm projecting my voice wrong, the sound goes like everywhere,

Wont breathing exercises help?

I want to develope vibrato, but understand that you need a really good breathing technique for that, right?

I have been tought to breath ad count, 8 in 8 out...2 in 8 out, but doesn't really help me, is there anything else I can do?

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    Have you thought that it might be your age? what age are you? if you are a girl in the stage of switching voice, then just give it a little bit of time and it will go away. Other than that...look for the closest school of music where you live and go to the voice teachers, they can help you better than anyone in here, the voice is an instrument that requires personal attention. Online you might find good advices but at the end of the story you need someone in front of you that can see what you are doing or what you are NOT doing...make sense?

    I wish you the best, never give up!

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    Source(s): Improve Your Singing http://sparkindl.info/SuperiorSingingCourse
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    Breathing exercises are extremely important. Breathing is obviously an essential element for singing which is why breathing techniques are crucial to improve and maximize your voice. Breathing exercises help train your singing to accomplish: -Sustaining a note E.g.: It is very uncomfortable to hold a note for 4 beats but only have enough air for one beat -Strengthens the voice to have a fuller sound (an example would be Beyonce’s bold voice) -Having a variable of dynamics (soft and loud) -Strengthens muscles such as the diaphragm, which allows singing to be more comfortable. When you strengthen this muscle due to the breathing exercises singing the note will become smoother and without distortion. There are many reason why breathing is extremely important. Singing effortlessly is mainly due to breathing techniques. Without being taught these your voice will not reach its full potential. If you want to advance the sound of your voice then breathing techniques and exercises should be learnt. I also had the attitude that singing lessons or breathing lessons were not important, but after having 3 and 1/2 years of training I can hear the marginal difference before I had lessons and now. If you would like to know some of the exercises then please be free to email me.

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    The easiest way to find out how you should breathe for singing is simply by feeling it. Being able to visualize and feel the proper way to breathe helps make the process more natural for you, too. Singing songs requires getting a full breath quickly — a quick inhalation — because the orchestra can't wait five minutes for you to find the air. So knowing how your body feels when you inhale helps you to get air in your body quickly to sing the next phrase. Use the following exercise to explore your own inhalation. Get a feel for how your body should move when you inhale and exhale. {Pretend that air is really heavy as you inhale. Visualize it weighing 50 pounds and let it fall low into your body. | Let it fall lower than your belly button. Explore this sensation. | Then let the breath fall in faster. Still visualize it being heavy but let it fall quickly into your body. | You can also fill your lungs as if you were going to blow up a balloon. You will feel your abdomen and lower back expand.}. Breathing efficiently when you sing is a combination of great posture and skillful inhaling and exhaling. Remember the importance of good posture; it allows you to get a deep, full breath. If you slouch or you're too rigid, your diaphragm locks and prevents you from getting a correct breath for singing. If your breathing and your posture work together as a team, you can improve your singing. t's okay if you're really confused right now or feel short of breath. Feeling short of breath when you begin working through these exercises is normal. Be really patient, and you'll begin breathing efficiently. It takes a while to create a new habit in your body, and breathing for singing is definitely new. Your inhalation was perfect when you were a baby. If you watch an infant breathe, they know exactly what to do. As you age and your life becomes more complicated, stress affects your body. You start to carry unnecessary tension in various parts of your body, which can prevent you from breathing correctly. Your body gets stressed out! Good luck! Hope I helped :-).

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    To get better at singing I reccomend to follow an online course: http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=541

    It's much cheaper than going to a singning teacher and you can get really good results...I did that! I can suggest evens some singer tips if you wish...For example I reccomend to drink lots of water. Avoid drinking sodas so often! Always warm up. Vocal exercises. Try drinking this natural "clear the throat" remedy: Water, Lemon Juice, Salt,

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    Breathing Exercises

    The following exercise may make you feel tired at first, do keep at it as you will begin to notice that it takes less effort to breath, less energy is used when breathing plus it helps you learn to co-ordinate the diaphragm and abdominal muscles when breathing.

    To find out if you are breathing correctly, place a hand on your belly button. This area should expand first when you breathe in and then spread upwards until your chest is expanded (don't lift the shoulders or push the stomach out). If you feel you are not breathing properly, practice the following exercise.

    Lay flat on your back.

    Place your hands on your waist, fingers pointing towards your belly button.

    Focus on filling up your stomach from the bottom to the top taking a slow deep breath. (The aim is not to fill yourself to bursting but to inhale enough air so that you can feel the difference between a shallow breath taken when breathing from the chest).

    You should feel your stomach rise and your hands being raised gently up and outward until you feel your chest expanding. The expansion is not only at the front of the body but also to the sides and back as well.

    Breath out slowly to a count of 5

    Repeat the exercise 10 times

    Practice daily before you rise in the morning and prior to sleeping at night for 5 - 10 minutes gradually increasing this to 3 or 4 times a day.

    Once you get it right, practice as often as possible, sitting, standing and whilst at work until you are breathing naturally from your abdomen.

    Try the following exercise to help increase breath control - Count on one breath singing each number out loud. using one breath at any comfortable pitch. Start with a small number like 5 or 10 and increase this gradually until you can manage 25 or more without straining, tensing or running out of breath.

    Breathing 101 for Singers & Vocalists

    Tutorial by Yvonne DeBandi with advice and exercises for correct breathing.

    Breathing Techniques

    Article by Dennis Anderson provides information and exercises to improve your breathing.

    Breath Control

    Article by Lis Lewis on learning correct breathing.


    Aimed at improving and correctly focusing your breathing posted to the Vocalist.org discussion group by Feldenkrais Method teacher, John Link.

    Born To Sing

    by Ron Murdock is an interesting essay which explores and explains the mechanics of singing with diagrams of the throat, larynx and bodies musculature.

    Don't despair if you cannot achieve this straight away - it can take months of practice, especially if you have developed bad breathing habits! The good news is that one day you will discover that you are automatically breathing correctly!!

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    hi there ,

    first of all best of luck for ur singing career..u must give me an autograph first cause when people get succesful thy forget ,.am not jokin neither making fun of all

    ok now abt ur answer

    well there are lots of breathing exercises u can do u should be concentrate just on ur breathing u should concentrate on whole of ur body to sing right..right????

    u can try lots of yoga exercies....find it on youtube...do yoga its gonna be good for u too entirly

    i found out this website for u and only u .............

    here is the website www.vocalist.org.uk

    take care

    sing well


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    try, pursing your lips to about the size of a small straw.

    draw air in using your diaphram.. and keep sucking until you cannot draw any more air in... then push it out through the same small hole in your pursed lips.... do it about 10 times... will build up your ability to draw air in and to hold notes longer without having to stop to draw a breath. when singing try lifting your throat. imagine you are yawning... feel how the back of your throat lifts... now keep it like that, and try singing,

    may take a little to get used to it, but it's call belle canto, I studied it from Brian Vollemer in London.. works great.

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    the counting till 8 works really well but if it doesnt help just take deep breathes before you sing.

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    The most important thing to breath not from the stomak,but from the chest,it's like fill your chest with the air,make it wide and stand well.You can count also

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